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RadioSEGA: 10 Years For SEGA Ears

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Mar 31, 2016
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement


Director / Mykah
Album Art / Sami Briggs
Logo / Manuel Garcia Melgar (Kopke)
Original Idea / David "KC" Luís
Artist / Opus Science Collective, RoBKTA, Audio Sprite, The Blast Processors, Rexy, Jordan Etienne, Villainest, Mykah
Original Artist / Tomoya Ohtani / , Richard Jacques, Yuzo Koshiro / , Hirofumi Murasaki / , Masayuki Nagao / , Morihiko Akiyama / , Hideki Abe / , Motoaki Takenouchi / , Takenobu Mitsuyoshi / , Shoes, Ippo
Original Featured Artist / TJ Davis


Disc 1

01 Synthetic Park 4:48
02 Am I Only Dreaming (RoBKTA's Sleepers Syndicate Remix) 5:28
03 Big Trouble in Little China 6:56
04 Kaze Makase 4:03
05 I Just Skipped Time Yesterday 3:47
06 Thinking About U 5:29
07 Dobuita After Dark 2:40
08 Let's Tap 2:35
09 A Generation Divided 4:44
10 A Bridge Too Hardcore 3:01
Disc length 43:31



This is RadioSEGA's first remix album or, if you will, compilation of remixes. It's our way of thanking our listeners for their support for the past 10 years. It features ten tracks by eight artists, arranging music from ten different SEGA games.

This is a fan project and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by SEGA Corporation. All original compositions are copyright of SEGA Corporation and/or respective artist(s).

The SEGA logo and all associated characters are copyright and trademarks of SEGA Corporation.

• Mykah

• Sami Briggs - album art
• Manuel Garcia Melgar (Kopke) - 10th anniversary logo

Original idea by David "KC" Luís.

1. Opus Science Collective - "Synthetic Park"
Source track: Sonic Colors - "Aquarium Park Act 1"
Original artist: Tomoya Ohtani

2. RoBKTA - "Am I Only Dreaming (RoBKTA's Sleepers Syndicate Remix)"
Source track: Metropolis Street Racer - "Am I Only Dreaming"
Original artists: Richard Jacques feat. TJ Davis

3. Audio Sprite - "Big Trouble in Little China"
Source track: The Revenge of Shinobi - "China Town"
Original artist: Yuzo Koshiro

4. The Blast Processors - "Kaze Makase"
Source track: Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - "Whirlwind"
Original artists: Hirofumi Murasaki, Masayuki Nagao, Morihiko Akiyama

5. Rexy - "I Just Skipped Time Yesterday"
Source track: Puyo Puyo - "It's Been a Long Time Since We Passed Through Space Time"
Original artist: Hideki Abe

6. Sir J - "Thinking About U"
Source track: Shining Force II - "Water Goddess Mitula"
Original artist: Motoaki Takenouchi

7. Villainest - "Dobuita After Dark"
Source track: Shenmue - "Sedge Tree" (Main Theme)
Original artist: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

8. Opus Science Collective - "Let's Tap"
Source track: Let's Tap - "Tap de Papapaya"
Original artist: Shoes

9. Audio Sprite - "A Generation Divided"
Source track: Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom - "Main Theme"
Original artist: Ippo

10. Mykah - "A Bridge Too Hardcore"
Source track: Sonic the Hedgehog [8-bit] - "Bridge Zone"
Original artist: Yuzo Koshiro

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