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ANIMANIACS: YAKKO'S WORLD - Sing About the World According to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot!

Catalog Number R2 71762
Release Date 1994
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
Published by Kid Rhino / /
Composed by Richard Stone, Randy Rogel, Julie Bernstein, Peter Hastings, Paul Rugg
Arranged by Richard Stone, Julie Bernstein, J. Eric Schmidt, Carl Johnson
Performed by Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Rick Baptist, Mike Englander, Jim Ercole, Stu Goldberg, Alan Kaplan, Tom Lavin, John Mitchell, Sid Page
Lyrics by Richard Stone, Julie Bernstein, Randy Rogel, Paul Rugg, Tom Ruegger, John P. McCann


Disc 1

01 Traveling Animaniacs
02 A Quake! A Quake!
03 Yakko's World
04 The Hello Song
05 Lake Titicaca
06 The Ballad Of Magellan
07 Several Drops Of Rain
08 Wakko's America
09 U.N. Me
10 Yakko's Universe
11 I'll Take An Island
12 The Panama Canal
13 There's Only One Of You
Disc length


1. Traveling Animaniacs*
Music by Richard Stone
Lyrics by Richard Stone & Julie Bernstein

2. A Quake! A Quake!
Music & Lyrics by Randy Rogel

3 Yakko's World
Music Traditional
Lyrics by Randy Rogel

4. The Hello Song*
Music by Julie Bernstein, Peter Hastings & Paul Rugg
Lyrics by Paul Rugg

5. Lake Titicaca*
Music by Richard Stone
Lyrics by Tom Ruegger

6. The Ballad Of Magellan
Music Traditional
Lyrics by Paul Rugg & John P. McCann

7. Several Drops Of Rain
Music & Lyrics by Randy Rogel

8. Wakko's America
Music Traditional
Lyrics by Randy Rogel

9. U.N. Me
Music Traditional
Lyrics by John P. McCann

10. Yakko’s Universe
Music & Lyrics by Randy Rogel

11. I'll Take An Island*
Music by Julie Bernstein
Lyrics by John P. McCann

12. The Panama Canal
Music Traditional
Lyrics by John P. McCann

13. There's Only One Of You
Music & Lyrics by Randy Rogel

All music published by Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) except *Published by Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) and WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)


Steven Spielberg, Executive Producer
Jean MacCurdy, Executive in Charge of Production
Tom Ruegger, Senior Producer
Rich Arons, Producer
Sherri Stoner, Producer

Rob Paulsen as Yakko
Tress MacNeille as Dot
Jess Harnell as Wakko

Executives in Charge of Music for Warner Bros.: Gary LeMel and Doug Frank

Executive in Charge of Music for Kid Rhino: Robin Frederick

Vocal Tracks Directed by Richard Stone and Andrea Romano

The Animaniacs Orchestra, Conducted by Richard Stone

Rick Baptist, trumpet
Mike Englander, drums and percussion
Jim Ercole, woodwinds
Stu Goldberg, keyboards
Alan Kaplan, trombone
Tom Lavin, guitar
John Mitchell, woodwinds
Sid Page, violin

Album Produced by Richard Stone

Associate Album Producer: Julie Bernstein

Music recorded at Castle Oaks Studios by Mike Aarvold and at Martinsound by Robert Fernandez

Vocals recorded at Sound Chamber by Alan Hirshberg and at Soundcastle by Harry Andronis

Songs mixed by Alan Hirshberg and Robert Fernandez

Music Editor: Tom Lavin, Triad Music


"Traveling Animaniacs," "Yakko's World," and "Yakko's Universe" arranged by Richard Stone and orchestrated by Julie Bernstein

"A Quake! A Quake!," "U.N. Me," "Lake Titicaca," and "The Panama Canal" arranged by Richard Stone

"The Hello Song," "Several Drops Of Rain," "I'll Take An Island," and "There's Only One Of You" arranged by Julie Bernstein

"The Ballad Of Magellan" arranged by J. Eric Schmidt

"Wakko's America" arranged and orchestrated by Carl Johnson

Special thanks to:
Dan Romanelli, Richard Foos, Bob Emmer, Torrie Dorrell, Craig Kamins, Kelly Gilmore, Debbie Datz, Patti Zimitti, Tim Kelly, Mark Frisbie, Joel Franklin, Frank Jones, Lisa Margolis, Kathy Page, Bobbie Page, Richard Freeman, Tom Maydeck, Russel Brower, Pamela Meerbaum, Debi Streeter, Keith Zajic, Tim Sarnoff, Howard Rootenberg, Danny Gould, Gerry Schwartz, Joyce Ryan, Chris Smith, Laurie Pessell, and Dick McIvery.

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