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OLRina of Time: A Zelda 64 ReMiX Project

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Sep 04, 2006
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverLooked ReMiX / /


Composer / Koji Kondo /
Arranger / the_p00t, Azar, t3h real adam d., Infinite MP, Txai, Brunzolaitis, Xenon Odyssey, ProjectSpam, The Button Mashers, nesper, Sinewav, shpladoink, Andy Lyons, Kupi, V_Gasm
Performer / t3h real adam d., Xenon Odyssey, ProjectSpam, The Button Mashers, Sinewav, shpladoink, the_p00t, Kupi


Disc 1

01 Link's Lounge Mix 1:12
02 Oye Como SHOP! 3:29
03 deku NUTZ 2:20
04 Irish Market 1:27
05 Zelda's Dream Theme (Strings Mix) 0:37
06 Sweet Horse 1:00
07 Neverland Ranch 6:16
08 Sun's Song Dance Mix 1:06
09 Lost Woods Jamboree 0:57
10 Lazy Saria 1:28
11 Your Belly's A Wonder Land 1:35
12 Sax of Time 0:55
13 Light Temple 2:05
14 Thunder 'N Lightning (Onyx Midnight Edition) 3:43
15 Drunk All the Time 0:29
16 Acappellero of Fire 0:20
17 blew story (beyonce-wet destiny mix) 3:20
18 Crying Nocturne of Shame and My Bleeding Heart of Shadow 3:37
19 Powerful Prelude 0:18
20 Heading West 1:11
21 Spirit Rock 1:52
22 requiem yay! 1:40
23 Two Sisters On Extacy 4:17
24 Battle of Time 3:17
25 It's Over 6:36
Disc length 55:07
Disc 2

01 Gerudo Valley High 2:18
02 Tingle's Hardcore Gay Club 3:08
Disc length 5:26

  Total tracks 27   Total length 1:00:33


Before time began, before spirits and life existed...

Three young men descended upon the idea that was the OLRina of Time project...

Bryant, the man of invention...

Ian, the man of reassurance...

David, the man of mystery...


With his brilliant idea of a Zelda 64 project, he stepped forward and set his project down, sharing it with the community in an attempt to bring them all closer with one of the greatest soundtracks of all time.


With his kindness he offered to help the new savior of the project by completing the final song.


Little is known what part he had to partake in this legend, yet a strong feeling rests inside that he was in fact involved, be it only the fact that he is a member of the band called Math Blaster.

They poured effort and perspiration into the project, bringing it forth and breathing it life.

The three young men, their labors complete, departed the land of OverLooked ReMiX.

And a song remained at the point where the men left OverLooked.

Where they are now, no one knows...but their mark on OverLooked ReMiX is and will be remembered through the ages...

However, at a point, the young men decided to abandon their creation, leaving it for waste.

The project lay sitting, waiting for either someone to take up the challenge of completing it or letting the winds of time destroy what progress had been made...

Then, another young man came from the shadows to take up the challenge of completing the project that had been left.

He gathered the necessary songs, set deadlines, and completed the site which is before you.

And then he went on his travels, completing his own projects and gaining experience...

They say he can still be found at OverLooked ReMiX, be it dwelling with fools or just wandering about...

These mens' persistance are placed into the soul of this project.

And that, my friends, is a legend that still lives today.


the_p00t (1, 3, 8, 21)
Azar (2, 10-11, 13)
t3h real adam d. (4, 19)
Infinite MP (5, 9, Bonus 1)
Txai (6)
Brunzolaitis (7, 23)
Xenon Odyssey (12, 14, 24)
ProjectSpam (15)
The Button Mashers (16)
nesper (17)
Sinewav (18)
shpladoink (20)
Andy Lyons (22)
shpladoink & Kupi vs Xenon Odyssey (25)
V_Gasm (Bonus 2)

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Nintendo 64


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