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Danse Macabre 5

Viking Guitar Productions Presents: Danse Macabre V
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 15, 2016
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsViking Guitar Productions


Composer / Grave Digger*, Sotaro Tojima / , Hiroshi Mitsuoka / , Harry Manfredini*, Goblin*, Ghost*, Jun Ishikawa / , Tadashi Ikegami / , The Fibonaccis*, Howard Drossin, Grant Kirkhope, Howard Shore, Hidenori Maezawa / , Jun Funahashi / , Yukie Morimoto / , Ray Parker Jr.*, Candlemass*, Damon Albarn*, Michael Nyman, George Sanger, Gustaf Grefberg, Fred Myrow*, Malcolm Seagrave*, Gentle Giant*, Minako Hamano / , Disasterpeace, Shusaku Uchiyama / , Jake Kaufman, Herbert Chappell*
Arranger / Jon Poulin, Mauricio Plasma, Chris Holland, Santo Clemenzi, Amanda Lepre, Ian Luckey, Stemage, Monte, William Carlos Reyes, Steel Samurai, ansgaros, VikingGuitar, Cory Johnson, Brandon Strader, Mega Beardo, Yes, Mayhem, Pokérus, Tim Yarbrough, WARK!, Jonathan Peros, Lame Genie
Performer / Jon Poulin, ThePlasmas (Mauricio Plasma), Chris Holland, Stephen Schwegler, Outerburst (Santo Clemenzi, Massimo Goletti, Erik Peabody), VikingGuitar, Amanda Lepre, Kirby's Dream Band (Erich Beckmann, pingosimon, Jake Foster, Ian Luckey, Mike Montemarano, MunzadetH), Stemage, Claire Henry, Prime Legion (ErichWK, CHM, Monte, Wild_Cat), Monstro Town, Hat, Detective Tuesday, Chelsea McBride, William Carlos Reyes, Steel Samurai (Katamari, John Milner, Darmock, Ben Alexandre, Jason Farrell), ansgaros, Jay Kim, Cory Johnson, Brandon Strader, Mega Beardo, Yes, Mayhem, James Moats, Grant Henry, Dan Taylor, Kevin Lawrence, Norg, Elliot Wernlund, Pokérus, Tim Yarbrough, WARK!, John Weible, Chuck Simpson, Jonathan Peros, Lame Genie (Jeff McGowan, Kyle Sawaia, Mike Costigan)
Recording Engineer / Patricio Thielemann
Mixing Engineer / VikingGuitar, Mauricio Plasma, Chris Holland, Santo Clemenzi, MunzadetH, Stemage, CHM, Sean Schafianski, Katamari, ansgaros, Cory Johnson, Brandon Strader, Ryan Postlethwait, Dan Taylor, Patricio Thielemann, James Moats, Jonathan Peros
Mastering Engineer / Erik Peabody
Programmer / VikingGuitar, Kyle Sawaia


Disc 1

01 Jon Poulin - The Reaper's Grasp (Grave Digger) 2:47
02 ThePlasmas - Baño de Sangre (Castlevania: CotM) 3:13
03 Chris Holland - Groovy Goalie (Friday the 13th - Part III) 5:08
04 Outerburst - Phenomena (Phenomena) 4:07
05 Amanda Lepre - Ritual (Ghost) 5:17
06 Kirby's Dream Band - Drawcia Sorceress (Kirby: Canvas Curse) 2:17
07 Stemage (ft. Claire Henry) - TerrorVision (TerrorVision) 4:10
08 Prime Legion - It Came From The Corporation (The Ooze) 2:34
09 Monstro Town - GruntilSka (Banjo-Kazooie) 3:30
10 William Carlos Reyes - Hello, Clarice (Silence of the Lambs) 3:16
11 Steel Samurai - Baroquebusters (Castlevania 3) 4:30
12 ansgaros - Bewitched (Candlemass) 6:42
13 Viking Guitar - Manifest Destiny (Ravenous) 5:05
14 Cory Johnson - Crazy, Sick, and MEAN (The 7th Guest) 10:00
15 Brandon Strader - Broken Dream (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) 4:47
16 Mega Beardo - Phantasm (Phantasm) 5:25
17 Yes, Mayhem - Alucard (Gentle Giant) 5:59
18 PokérusVGM - Barco Agonizante (Super Metroid) 4:32
19 Tim Yarbrough - It Follows (It Follows) 3:45
20 WARK! - A Rest From Mayhem (Resident Evil 2) 5:15
21 Jonathan Peros - Anthropomorphic Arachnoid Abortion (Undertale) 4:05
22 Lame Genie - Lich Yard (Shovel Knight) 2:49
23 Viking Guitar - Get Gonked (Dawn of the Dead) 1:54
Disc length 101:07




Once again, Viking Guitar and his impish friends give you a haunted compilation full of thrills and chills! DANSE MACABRE 5 offers 23 creepy tunes, handpicked from the best horror movies and video games!
DM5 is free to download, but if any money is offered, we're donating it to a couple of special causes. All proceeds will go directly to Doctors Without Borders and the ASPCA, so make sure your dirty dollar bills are in your greasy goblin hands when you get the album!
To repeat, this is a NON-PROFIT album. ALL money made gets sent straight to charity!"

Cover art by FoxDragon
All tracks arranged, recorded and mixed by their respective musicians
Mastered by Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar)


Composed by Grave Digger
Jon Poulin - guitars and bass guitar
Erik "Viking Guitar" Peabody - programming, mixing

Composed by Sotaro Tojima and Hiroshi Mitsuoka
Performed by ThePlasmas
◦ Mauricio Plasma - All arrangement, performance, mixing

Composed by Harry Manfredini
Chris Holland - guitars, bass, sequencing, mixing
Stephen Schwegler - moog pedal, guitar noise

Composed by Goblin
Performed by Outerburst
◦ Santo Clemenzi - bass, keyboards, arrangement, mixing
◦ Massimo Goletti - drums
◦ Erik "Viking Guitar" Peabody - guitars

Composed by Ghost
Amanda Lepre - vocals, guitars, bass, sequencing

Composed by Jun Ishikawa and Tadashi Ikegami
Performed by Kirby's Dream Band
◦ Erich "ErichWK" Beckmann - drums
◦ Andre "pingosimon" Beller - bass
◦ Jake Foster - guitar
◦ Ian Luckey - keyboards, arrangement
◦ Mike "Monte" Montemarano - keyboards
◦ Ryan "MunzadetH" Munz - guitar, mixing

Composed by The Fibonaccis
Stemage - all instrumentation, mixing
Claire Henry - vocals

Composed by Howard Drossin
Performed by Prime Legion
◦ Erich "ErichWK" Beckmann - drums
◦ Christophe "CHM" Blondel - guitars, mixing
◦ Mike "Monte" Montemarano - keyboards, arrangement
◦ Max "Wild_Cat" Noël - bass

Composed by Grant Kirkhope
Performed by Monstro Town
◦ Ken "Hat" Crouch - trumpet, trombone
◦ Anton "Detective Tuesday" Corazza - alto sax, tenor sax
◦ Chelsea McBride - baritone sax
◦ Ian Luckey - keyboards, bass, arrangement
◦ Erich "ErichWK" Beckmann - guitar, drums
Sean Schafianski - mixing

Composed by Howard Shore
William Carlos Reyes - guitars

Composed by Hidenori Maezawa, Jun Funahashi and Yukie Morimoto (Castlevania III) / Ray Parker Jr. (Ghostbusters)
Performed by Steel Samurai
◦ Katamari - guitar, mixing
◦ John Milner - guitar
◦ Darmock - bass
◦ Ben Alexandre - keys
◦ Jason Farrell - drums

Composed by Candlemass
ansgaros - guitars, bass, vocals, sequencing, mixing

Composed by Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman
Erik "Viking Guitar" Peabody - all instrumentation, programming, mixing
Jay Kim - electric violin

Composed by George Sanger
Cory Johnson - arrangement, mixing, all things except for toy piano
Erik "Viking Guitar" Peabody - all the things that are toy piano

Composed by Gustaf Grefberg
Brandon Strader - all instrumentation, mixing

Composed by Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave
Ryan Postlethwait (Mega Beardo) - guitars, bass, sequencing, mixing

Composed by Gentle Giant
Performed by Yes, Mayhem
◦ James Moats - vocals
◦ Grant Henry - guitar
◦ Dan Taylor - bass, trumpet, sequencing, mixing
◦ Kevin Lawrence - drums
George "Norg" Nowik - organs, synth
Elliot Wernlund - alto sax

Composed by Minako Hamano
Patricio Thielemann (Pokérus) - production, recording, performance, mixing

Composed by Disasterpeace
Tim Yarbrough - guitars
Erik "Viking Guitar" Peabody - mixing

Composed by Shusaku Uchiyama
Performed by WARK!
◦ John Weible - organ, synth, MIDI stuff
◦ Dan Taylor - bass
◦ James Moats - acoustic guitar, mixing
◦ Cory Johnson - electric guitar
◦ Chuck Simpson - drums

Composed by Toby Fox
Jonathan Peros - all instrumentation and mixing

Composed by Jake Kaufman
Performed by Lame Genie
◦ Jeff McGowan - guitar
◦ Kyle Sawaia - drums and programming
◦ Mike Costigan - bass

Composed by Herbert Chappell
Erik "Viking Guitar" Peabody - all instrumentation, programming, mixing

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