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WING COMMANDER - original soundtrack

Catalog Number SID-8905
Barcode 782827890520
Release Date Mar 09, 1999
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsSonic Images Records


Theme / David Arnold
Original Score / Kevin Kiner
Assistant / Lindsay Brooks
Music Coordinator / Chris Kinsman
Score Produced by / David Arnold, Kevin Kiner
Album Produced by / Kevin Kiner, Mark Evans
Executive Producers / Ford A. Thaxton, Brad Pressman
Orchestrated by / Nicholas Dodd
Conducted by / Nicholas Dodd
Orchestra Conductor / Isobel Griffiths
Music Editor / Dina Eaton
Score Recorded by / Geoff Foster, Mark Evans
Score Mixed by / Geoff Foster, Mark Evans
Recorded at / Air Lyndhurst
CD Mastered by / James Nelson
Mastered at / Digital Outland
Design / Wolfgang Fenchel
Computer Images / Digital Anvil
Logo Courtesy of / 20th Century-Fox
Special Thanks / Chris Roberts, Martin Galway, Allison Burton, Robert Messinger, Craig Cox, Vasi Vangelos


Disc 1

01 Overture 3:35
02 Pod Scene 1:55
03 Torpedo Kilrathi 3:33
04 Pilgrims 1:50
05 Rescued 0:56
06 Into The Quasar 2:47
07 Bad Decision / Blair 1:29
08 Angel's Story 1:49
09 The Fleet 1:10
10 Briefing / Tricked 2:16
11 Hot Dogs 1:23
12 Diligent Arrives 2:35
13 The Gift / Skipper Missile 3:28
14 Kilrathi Battle 1:40
15 The Big Battle 2:27
16 Kilrathi Into Scylla 2:30
17 Big Damn Ending 2:09
Disc length 37:32



Wing Commander Theme by David Arnold
Original Score by Kevin Kiner
Assistant to Mr. Kiner: Lindsay Brooks
Music Coordinator: Chris Kinsman

Score produced by David Arnold and Kevin Kiner
Album produced by Kevin Kiner and Mark Evans
Executive Producers for Sonic Images - Ford A. Thaxton and Brad Pressman
Orchestrated and conducted by Nicholas Dodd
Orchestra conductor - Isobel Griffiths
Music editor - Dina Eaton
Score recorded and mixed by Geoff Foster and Mark Evans
Recorded at Air Lyndhurst, London

CD mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland (Tacoma, WA)
All Tracks BMI

Design - Wolfgang Fenchel
Computer images by Digital Anvil
"Wing Commander" logo courtesy of 20th Century-Fox

Special thanks to Chris Roberts, Martin Galway, Allison Burton, Robert Messinger, Craig Cox and Vasi Vangelos

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