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Heavenly Symphony Formula One World Championship 1993 Vol.2

Formula One Heavenly Symphony 2
Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit Vol.2
Catalog Number AMCM-4192
Release Date Apr 25, 1994
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2300 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by East West Japan / / (distributed by Warner Music Japan / / )
Composed by SEGA (Junjun, Mo, So, Milpo, J.Shira, Watch, Lotty), Yoshimasa Inoue / , Kan'ichiro Kubo, Nittoku Inoue /
Arranged by Kan'ichiro Kubo, Sushi
Performed by East 4th Hornes, Anders Bostrom, Hiram Bullock, Yoshi Fine, Alex Alexander, Tommy Mandal, Willie Martinez, Kurtis King, Gwen Guthrie, Larry Mitchell, Dana Calitri, Andrew Snitzer, Jake H. Concepcion / , Yoshio Nomura /
Lyrics by Sushi


Disc 1

01 Heavenly Symphony 4:24
02 Winds Of Victory 3:27
03 Triscope 1:39
04 Hot Groove 1:44
05 You Can Be A Star 1:49
06 Exhaustless Beat 2:48
07 Only One Way To Go 3:08
08 The Day Before Battle 4:25
09 You've Got The Power 5:40
10 Lucky Star 3:46
11 Winning Beats 3:17
12 Time To Detonate 1:37
13 Battle For Win 2:54
14 Joy 1:43
15 ...And Close Your Eyes 1:07
16 Song Of Pilots 5:30
Disc length 48:58


Track 8: Bonus Track Not Included on "Heavenly Symphony Vol.1"

All Tracks Feature Remixes or Edits from "Heavenly Symphony Vol.1"

Yoshimasa Inoue (1, 16)
SEGA (2~7, 10~15)
    Jun Senoue: 2, 5, 7, 12, 13, 15 (listed on his old site)
    Masafumi Ogata, Sachio Ogawa, Yoshiaki Kashima, Junko Shiratsu, Yayoi Wachi, Haruyo Oguro: 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 14
Kan'ichiro Kubo (8)
Nittoku Inoue (9)

Kan'ichiro Kubo (2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10~15)
Sushi (1, 3, 6, 9, 16)

Words by Sushi (1, 9, 16)

01. Heavenly Symphony
Flute Solo: Anders Bostrom
Guitar: Hiram Bullock
Bass: Yoshi Fine
Drums: Alex Alexander
Additional Synth: Tommy Mandal
Percussion: Willie Martinez
Brass Section: East 4th Hornes (John Almark (Tp), John Scarpula (Sax), John Wheeler (Tb))
Chorus: Kurtis King, Gwen Guthrie

02. Winds Of Victory
Lyricon: Jake H Concepcion

09. You've Got The Power
Guitar: Larry Mitchell
Bass: Yoshi Fine
Hammond B3: Tommy Mandal
Drums: Alex Alexander
Chorus: Dana Calitri, Gwen Guthrie

10. Lucky Star
Guitar: Yoshio Nomura (Courtesy of Starland)

15. ...And Close Your Eyes
Guitar: Yoshio Nomura (Courtesy of Starland)

16. Song of Pilots
Sorprano Sax Solo: Andrew Snitzer
Guitar: Larry Mitchell
Bass: Yoshi Fine
Hammond B3 & Additional Synth: Tommy Mandal
Drums: Alex Alexander
Chorus: Kurtis King, Dana Calitri
Lyricon: Jake H Concepcion
Guitar: Yoshio Nomura (Courtesy of Starland)
Remix Engineer: Toshihiko Ogura
Mix Engineer: Tsuyoshi Sato

Recorded at Skyline Studios  and Beat on BeatRecording, NYC
Mixed at Skyline Studios

Produced by Atsushi "Sushi" Kosugi (Beat on Beat, york)
Recording Engineer: Michael Conrader, Patrick G. Dillet
Mix Engineer: Patrick G. Dillet
Assistant Engineer: Justin Lucher, Hira Ishihara
In-game credits:

Sound Director: Macky [Yukifumi Makino]

- Producer: Yasuo Namitome (Fuji Television)
                 Macky [Yukifumi Makino]
- Composer: Yoshimasa Inoue
                   Mo [Masafumi Ogata]
                   Junjun [Jun Senoue]
                   So [Sachio Ogawa]
                   Milpo [Yoshiaki Kashima]
                   J. Shira [Junko Shiratsu]
                   Watch [Yayoi Wachi]
                   Lotty [Haruyo Oguro]
- Arranger: Kanichiro Kubo
                 Yoshio Tsuru
- Sound Programmer: Macky [Yukifumi Makino]
                              Jimmy [Hiroshi Kubota]
- Sound Effect: Macky [Yukifumi Makino]
                       Junjun [Jun Senoue]
                       Ker Akiyama

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