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The Last Guardian Soundtrack - Composer's Choice Edition

Catalog Number N/A [Extra Credits]
Release Date Dec 06, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 11.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC / / (Publisher)
Composed by Takeshi Furukawa /
Arranged by Takeshi Furukawa /
Performed by London Symphony Orchestra (Ken Belcher, Gareth Davies, Olivier Stankiewicz, Andrew Marriner, Chi-Yu Mo, Rachel Gough, John Thurgood, Philip Cobb), Takeshi Furukawa / , London Voices, Trinity Boys Choir
Conducted by Takeshi Furukawa / , Terry Edwards
Recorded by Shinnosuke Miyazawa / , Geoff Foster, Jorge Velasco, Satoshi Mark Noguchi, John Prestage, Laurence Anslow, Alex Ferguson, Billy Centennaro, Matt Dyson, Andy Zisakis, Cody Laughner
Recorded at Lyndhurst Hall
Mixed by Shinnosuke Miyazawa / , Jorge Velasco, Jeff Gartenbaum, Spencer Guerra
Mastered by


Disc 1

01 Overture: Lore 3:05
02 Panorama 0:37
03 Forest 2:05
04 Sentinel I 2:50
05 The Tower 0:50
06 Falling Bridge 3:40
07 Hanging Gardens 2:20
08 Sentinel II 2:30
09 Victorious 2:24
10 Alone 1:54
11 The Nest 3:22
12 Flashback 3:29
13 Sanctuary 2:31
14 Condor Clash 4:25
15 Wounded 3:05
16 Finale I: Apex 6:26
17 Finale II: Escape 6:38
18 End Titles: The Last Guardian Suite 7:47
19 Epilogue 1:48
Disc length 61:46


Takeshi Furukawa

Performed by
London Symphony Orchestra
Trinity Boys Choir
London Voices

Orchestrated & Conducted by
Takeshi Furukawa

Featured Soloists
Ken Belcher (Guitars/Mandolin/Dulcimers)
Gareth Davies (Flute)
Olivier Stankiewicz (Oboe)
Andrew Marriner (Clarinet)
Chi-Yu Mo (Bass Clarinet)
Rachel Gough (Bassoon)
John Thurgood (Horn)
Philip Cobb (Trumpet)
Takeshi Furukawa (Piano)

Session Score Supervisor
Chris Brown

LSO Concerts & Recordings Manager
Mario de Sa

David Swinson, Trinity Boys Choir
Terry Edwards, London Voices

Score Recorded at
Lyndhurst Hall, AIR Studios

Score Recorded by
Geoff Foster

Digital Recordists
Fiona Cruickshank
Adam Miller

Recording Assistants
John Prestage
Laurence Anslow
Alex Ferguson

Score Mixed at

Score Mixed by
Shinnosuke Miyazawa

Additional Mixes by
Jorge Velasco
Jeff Gartenbaum

Mixing Assistant
Spencer Guerra

Additional Recordings at
The Village
The Bridge Recording

Additional Recordings by
Shinnosuke Miyazawa
Jorge Velasco
Satoshi Mark Noguchi

Digital Recordist
Milton Gutierrez

Recording Assistants
Billy Centennaro
Matt Dyson
Andy Zisakis
Cody Laughner

Music Preparation
Sachiko Miyano
Natsumi Kameoka
Tsutomu Satomi

Music Sound Design
Koichi Sanchez-Imahashi

Music Librarian
Jill Streater

Music Business Affairs
Kana Tsuji

Music Produced by
Tsubasa Ito
Ryo Yamamura
Takeshi Furukawa

Supervising Music Producer
Tomonobu Kikuchi

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Rated 4.17 by 3 people
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Platforms represented
Sony PlayStation 4

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