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S.S.T. Band Live! -G.S.M. SEGA-



Disc 1

01 After Burner Medley 8:12
02 Air Battle 3:23
03 The Journey Begins 4:00
04 Galaxy Force Medley 4:37
05 Wilderness 4:39
06 Magical Sound Shower 4:43
07 Last Wave 3:42
08 Sprinter 4:18
09 After Burner 8:25
10 Power Drift Medley 9:32
Disc length 55:31


S.S.T. Band
Drums: Takehiko "POPPO" Tanabe
Bass: Masato "TURBOKUN" Saito
Keyboard: 風車のHIRO
Guitar: Jouji "GALAXY" Iijima
Guitar: PRETTY "Mickey" Koichi

01 After Burner Medley
    Maximum Power ~ City 202 ~ Super Stripe ~ Final Take Off
   from "After Burner" by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi

02 Air Battle  
   from "G-LOC" by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi

03 The Journey Begins  
   from "Phantasy Star III" by Izuho "Ippo" Takeuchi

04 Galaxy Force Medley  
    Coin ~ Scene Select ~ Beyond the Galaxy
   from "Galaxy Force" by Katsuhiro "Funky K.H" Hayashi, Koichi "Mickey" Namiki

05 Wilderness  
   from "Golden Axe" by You Takada

06 Magical Sound Shower
   from "OutRun" by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi

07 Last Wave  
   from "OutRun" by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi

08 Sprinter  
   from "Super Hang-On" by Katsuhiro "Funky K.H." Hayashi

09 After Burner  
   from "After Burner" by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi

10 Power Drift Medley  
    Adjustment Mind ~ Power Face ~ Side Street ~ Silent Language ~ Like the Wind
   from "Power Drift" by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi

Produced by Yoshihiro Ohno for Scitron & Art Inc.
Directed by Takashi Okamoto for Scitron & Art Inc.
Composed and sound performed by S.S.T. Band
Recorded at Nihon-Seinenkan, 25 Aug. 1990
Mixed at STUDIO JIVE, Sep. 1990
Engineered by Toshiyuki Fukui
Assistant Engineering by Yuji Kuraishi
Mastering engineereing by Kazumi Nakayama

Special Thanks to
Presenter: Global Enterprise
P.A. and lighting: Sogo Butai
Sound unit: Tamco

Creative Director: Haruki Tahara (WARP)
Photography: Hidetake Shinohara
Design: Rice

Also special thanks to Sega Super Advertiser, Kadokawa Media Office, C.M.C., San Musical Service

Executive Producer: Kazusuke Obi for Scitron & Art Inc.

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