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Super Famicom Version Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest III: Into the Legend...

スーパーファミコン版 交響組曲 「ドラゴンクエストIII」そして伝説へ...
Super Famicom-ban Koukyou Kumikyoku "Dragon Quest III" Soshite Densetsu e...
Catalog Number SRCL-3563
Barcode 4988009356327
Release Date Dec 12, 1996
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2800 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
LabelSony Records / /
ManufacturerSony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. / /


Composer / Koichi Sugiyama /
Arranger / Koichi Sugiyama /
Performer / London Philharmonic Orchestra (Duncan Riddell, Robert Truman)
Recording Engineer / Richard Lewzey
Assistant Engineer / Erik Jordan
Conductor / Koichi Sugiyama /


Disc 1

01 Roto 1:41
02 Prologue 3:58
03 Rondo 2:59
04 Around the World 6:48
05 Adventure 3:09
06 Dungeon ~ Tower ~ The Phantom Ship 5:34
07 Distant Memories 2:52
08 Requiem ~ Small Shrine 3:11
09 Sailing 2:53
10 Heavenly Flight 2:44
11 Grueling Fight 4:05
12 Zoma's Castle 3:30
13 Fighting Spirit 5:41
14 Into the Legend 3:01
Disc length 52:06



This was recorded in conjunction with the SFC release of the game. The album was later reprinted in 2000. Note that this is actually the Third arrangement of the Dragon Quest III soundtrack for symphony, and is not a reprint, but rather a new performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


Executive Producer: Koichi Sugiyama

Producers: Jun Kanamaru (Sony Music Entertainment), Yukiko Sugiyama (Sugiyama Kobo)
Director: John Middleton
Recording Engineer: Richard Lewzey
Assistant Engineer: Erik Jordan
Design: Hideki Sawa (SME)
Coordinators: John R. Bullock (AD-CAP), Miki Shirono (SMC), Takeshi Ichikawa (Harmony)
Promotions: Ryuji Kato (加藤隆二) (SME), Mutsumi Matsumoto (松本睦) (SME)
Special Thanks: Yukinobu Chida (Enix)
Very Special Thanks: Enix

Music Copyright: Sugiyama Kobo

London Philharmonic Orchestra
Violin Solo: Duncan Riddell
Cello Solo: Robert Truman
Conductor: Koichi Sugiyama

Recorded at CTS Studios, London, on May 21, 22, 26, 27, and 28, 1996

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SNES (Super Famicom)

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