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Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Music from the Motion Picture

Catalog Number 88843048372
Barcode 888430483729
Release Date Feb 25, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (Europe)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelSony Classical / /


Composer / Danny Elfman, Paul Mounsey, Chris Bacon, Peter Bateman, John Ashton Thomas, John Lennon, Adam Roth, Fredrik Eriksson, Sebastian Fritze, Ary Barroso
Arranger / Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone, Dave Slonaker, John Ashton Thomas, Timothy Rodier, Edward Trybek, Peter Bateman, Paul Mounsey, Chris Bacon
Performer / Thomas Bowes, John Lennon, Grizfolk, Metro Voices
Lyricist / John Lennon, Adam Roth, Fredrik Eriksson, Sebastian Fritze
Recording Engineer / Peter Cobbin
Recording Studio / Air Studios
Mixing Engineer / Dennis Sands
Mastering Engineer / Stephen Marsh, Gavin Lurssen
Programmer / Peter Bateman
Conductor / Jenny O'Grady


Disc 1

01 Mr. Peabody's Prologue 3:20
02 Reign of Terror! 2:49
03 The Drop Off 1:14
04 The Dog Whistle 0:49
05 The Cherry Tree 1:00
06 A Deep Regard 0:53
07 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) 3:51
08 Dinner Party 0:31
09 The Petersons/The WABAC Machine 3:08
10 Aquarela Do Brasil 0:47
11 Off to Egypt 2:07
12 The Wedding Exodus 1:06
13 Hammer-Time 0:57
14 The Flying Machine 4:43
15 Trojan Horse 3:26
16 War/Disaster 3:32
17 History Mash-Up 4:34
18 I'm a Dog Too 3:42
19 Fixing the Rip 2:14
20 Back to School 1:16
21 Aquarela Do Brasil (Coda) 1:03
22 The Amazing Mr. Peabody 0:35
23 Way Back When 2:47
Disc length 50:24



Music composed by Danny Elfman

Score produced by Danny Elfman
Executive in Charge of Music for Dreamworks Animation: Sunny Park
Executive in Charge of Soundtracks for Relativity Music Group: Jason Markey
Executive Soundtrack Producers: Jason Markey, Bob Bowen & Ryan Kavanaugh
Music Coordinator for Relativity Music Group: Ian Broucek
Music Clearances for Relativity Music Group: Christine Bergren
Supervising Orchestrator: Steve Bartek
Orchestrations by: Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone, Dave Slonaker, John Ashton Thomas, Timothy Rodier, Edward Trybek & Peter Bateman
Orchestra Leader: Thomas Bowes
Conducted by: Rick Wentworth
Score Recorded by: Peter Cobbin
Score Mixed by: Dennis Sands
Midi Supervision and Preparation: Marc Mann
Digital Recordists: Noah Snyder & Chris Barrett
Supervising Music Editor: Bill Abbott
Additional Music Editor: Shie Rozow
Assistant Music Editor: Denise Okimoto
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Jo Changer
Choir: Metro Voices
Choirmaster: Jenny O'Grady
Music Preparation by: David Hage for Dakota Music
Score Recorded at Air Studios, London
Studio Manager: Alison Burton
IT Manager: Simon Knee
Studio Assistant: Laurence Anslow
Score Mixed at Technicolor at Paramount, Hollywood, CA and Sound Waves SB, Santa Barbara, CA
Pro Tools Mix Engineer: Adam Olmsted
Score Mix Assistant: Greg Hayes
Studio Manager for Technicolor at Paramount: Mike Rizzuto
Additional Recording at Studio Della Morte, Los Angeles, CA
Additional Music and Arrangements by Paul Mounsey, Chris Bacon, Peter Bateman & John Ashton Thomas
Additional Midi Preparation by Ron Vermillion & Mark Graham
Score Programming: Peter Bateman
Midi Assistants: Steve Bauman & Jared Fordman
Score Production Supervisor: Charlene Ann Huang
Score Production Coordinator: Melisa McGregor
Score Technical Engineer: Greg Maloney
Score Production Assistant: Matt Campbell
Assistant to Danny Elfman: Melissa Karaban
Music Clearances: Julie Butchko
Music Consultant: Chris Douridas
Music Business Affairs: Kevin Breen
Soundtrack Packaging Design by Jordan Butcher
Album Mastered by Stephen Marsh for Marsh Mastering

M-07 "Beautiful Boy" (Darling Boy)
Performed and Written by John Lennon
© 1980 Lenono Music (BMI), Admin. by Downtown DMP Songs (BMI)
Ⓟ 1980 Lenono Music Under Exclusive License to Capitol Records
Courtesy of Capitol Records, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises

M-23 "Way Back When"
Performed by Grizfolk
Written by Adam Roth, Fredrik Eriksson and Sebastian Fritze
Produced by Grizfolk
Co-Produced by Rico Csabai
Enginereed and Mixed by Todd Burke at Sunset Sound Studios, Hollywood, CA and Lime Street Studios, Monrovia, CA.
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Published by DWA Songs (ASCAP) and Songs of DWA (BMI) Ⓟ 2014 Relativity Music Group, LLC, Under Exclusive License to Sony Music Entertainment

"Aquarela do Brasil" Written by Ary Barroso
Published by Peer International Corp. (BMI) O/B/O IRMAOS VITALE SA

All Score Cues Composed by Danny Elfman
Published by Songs of DWA (BMI)

Danny Elfman Thanks: Rob Minkoff, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bill Damaschke, Alex Schwartz, Mike Andrews, Sunny Park, Charlene Huang, Richard Kraft, Laura Engel, Doug Mark, Melissa Karaban, Melissa McGregor and Jamie Kesterson

Dreamworks Animation Thanks: Terri Anderson, Melissa Baldwin, Jim Beshears, Julia Betley, Andy Birch, Martha Braithwaite, Matt Burke, Denise Cascino, Andy Chandra, Jonathan Clark, Amy Clark, Kevin Cloepfil, Rico Csabai, John Currin, Ann Daly, Dave Dinsmore, Holly Edwards, Carly Evans, Kim Fast, Tori Fillat, Cindy Freeman, Matt Garland, Joe Halbardier, Wayne Hellinger, Chris Hewitt, Sam Hinton, Tiffany Ryan Hurwitz, Paul Ianicelli, Doug James, Cheryl Jordan, LA Studios, Richard Laforge, Diana Lapointe, Fern Lee, Alison Lima, Tricia Linklater, Carole Sue Lipman, Vivian Liu, Debbie Luner, Sean McGinnn, Sean McGraw, Steve Moder, Victor Nevarez, Susie NG, Yoko Ono, Matt Pomeroy, Michele Reed, Chevion Reese, Nathan Schauf, Cristina Schweitzer, Tighe Sheldon, Rose Silurik, Matt Smith, Nolan Southerland, Bill Steinberg, Sam Schwartz, Dawn Taubin, Don Terbush, Larry Weisberg, Josh Wood, Pat Woods, Alissa Wright, Tiffany Wu and David Yanover

Relativity Music Group Thanks: Frank Banyai, Big Picture Media, Patricia Blair, Ryan Kavanaugh, Greg Lapidus, Toko Nagata, Tucker Tooley and Happy Walters

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