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The Lego Batman Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Catalog Number WTM39861
Release Date Feb 03, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 11.99 USD
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by WaterTower Music / /
Composed by Lorne Balfe, Neal Hefti
Arranged by Oscar Senen, Joan Martorell, Vladimir Tubic
Performed by Patrick Stump, DNCE, Cutting Crew, Kirsten Arian, Harry Nilsson, Alesso, Tove Lo, Alex Aiono, Oh, Hush!, Will Arnett, Jeff Lewis, Fraser Murray, Justin Tranter, Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine, Oh Hush!, Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine, Willa Rose, Lucy Peake, Viola Peake, Raffe Peake, Camille Coburn, Fred Mackenzie, Damian de Boos-Smith, Chad Smith, Laurence Pike, Rob Harris, Cantillation Choir, Gondwana Choirs, The Sydney Scoring Orchestra


Disc 1

01 Who’s the (Bat)Man 3:03
02 Forever 3:48
03 (I Just) Died In Your Arms 4:35
04 Invincible 2:59
05 One 2:21
06 Heroes (We Could Be) [Hard Rock Sofa and Skidka Remix] 6:35
07 Man In the Mirror 3:48
08 Friends Are Family 2:23
09 I Found You 3:34
10 Forever (Tranter Version) 3:49
11 Man In the Mirror 1:49
12 Everything Is Awesome 2:02
Disc length 40:46
Disc 2

01 Black 7:31
02 Your Greatest Enemy 2:41
03 The Arrival of Robin 2:52
04 Joker Crashes the Party 1:33
05 No Seat Belts Required 2:16
06 To Cage the Joker 1:58
07 The Phantom Zone 3:36
08 Open for Business 1:08
09 Chaos in Gotham 3:19
10 Lava Attack 7:39
11 For Your Own Good 1:44
12 Joker Manor 2:29
13 Batman's in The Zone 4:39
14 The Babs Signal 2:24
15 Battle Royale 4:53
16 A Long Farewell 2:49
Disc length 53:31

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[Disc 1]

Written by Neal Hefti, Mansa Wakili, Brayden Deskins, Barry Pointer, Colton Fisher, Jason Rabinowitz and Jaron Lamot
Produced by Kato Khandwala
Performed by Patrick Stump
Patrick Stump appears courtesy of Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Written by Justin Tranter, Dan Crean, Stevy Pyne and Cole Whittle
Produced by Justin Tranter, Dan Crean, Stevy Pyne and Steve Wall
Performed by DNCE
DNCE appears courtesy of Republic Records

Written by Nicholas Eede
Performed by Cutting Crew
Courtesy of Virgin Records Ltd.
Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

Written by Lindsay Rimes and Kirsten Arian
Produced by Lindsay Rimes
Performed by Kirsten Arian
Kirsten Arian appears courtesy of Rarespark Media Group, Inc.

Written and Performed by Harry Nilsson
Courtesy of RCA Records
By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing

Written by Alessandro Lindblad, Tove Lo, Brian Eno and David Bowie
Performed by Alesso featuring Tove Lo
Courtesy of Def Jam Recordings
Under license from Universal Music Enterprise

Written by Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett
Produced by Glen Ballard
Performed by Alex Aiono
Alex Aiono appears courtesy of Interscope Records

Written by Chris Sernel, Madison Love, Hovey Benjamin, Jeff Lewis and Chris Miller
Produced by Oh, Hush!
Performed by Oh, Hush! featuring Will Arnett & Jeff Lewis

Written by Lorne Balfe and Antony Genn
Produced by Lorne Balfe and Max Aruj
Performed by Fraser Murray
Children's Choir: Willa Rose, Lucy Peake, Viola Peake, Raffe Peake, Camille Coburn & Fred Mackenzie

Written by Justin Tranter, Dan Crean, Stevy Pyne and Cole Whittle
Produced by Justin Tranter, Dan Crean, Stevy Pyne and Steve Wall
Performed by Justin Tranter

Written by Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett
Performed by Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine

Written by Shawn Patterson
Performed by Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine

[Disc 2]

Original Score by Lorne Balfe

"No Seat Belts Required" & "Battle Royale" contain "Batman Theme" written by Neal Hefti

Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky
Score Produced by Lorne Balfe, Max Aruj & Thomas Farnon
Score Technical Assistant: Steffen Thum
Music Production Coordinator: Queenie Li
Booth Reader: Thomas Farnon
Score Coordinator: Elaine Beckett
Scoring Consultant: Celeste Chada

Guitar: Damian de Boos-Smith
Guitar Tech: Scott Kirby
Drums: Chad Smith & Laurence Pike
Guitar: Rob Harris
Choir Conductor: Dan Walker
Choir: Cantillation Choir
Choir Contractor: Alison Johnston
Boy's Choir Conductor: Thomas Wilson
Boy's Choir: St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
Children Choir Conductor: Sam Allchurch
Children Choir: Gondwana Choirs
London Children Choir Contractor: Jenny O'Grady
Music Preparation: Jigsaw Music, Jessica Wells, Cliff Bradley, Joel Geist, Ellie Cumming, Julian Langdon & Alex Palmer

Orchestrator: Oscar Senen
Assistant Orchestrator: Joan Martorell & Vladimir Tubic
Orchestra Conductor: Christopher Gordon
Orchestra: The Sydney Scoring Orchestra
Score Contractors: Click Track Music & Alex Henery
Score Engineer: Evan McHugh
Score Recordist: Craig Beckett
Assistant Score Engineers: Rose Mackenzie-Peterson & Nicholas Rowse
Score Editor: Tim Ryan

Score Mix Engineer: Stephen Lipson
Assistant Mix Engineer: Edward Hartwell
Air Studios Recording Engineer: Geoff Foster
Air Studio Assistant Engineer: Laurence Anslow
Song Mix Engineer: Seth Waldmann
Technical Music Assistants: Jenny Dirkes, Tom Farries & Joe Cho
Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry
Air Studios Manager: Alison Burton
Air Studios Coordinators: Charlotte Matthews & Lucy Matthews
Technical Director Synchron Stage & Chief Audio Engineer: Bernd Mazagg
Synchron Stage Protools Operator: Martin Weismayr
Vienna Musicians Contractor: Christian Buchmann
Score Printing Service: Vienna Music Angels
Synchron Stage Studio Manager: Sabine Tucmandl
Remote Control Productions Studio Manager: Shalini Singh

Score Recorded at:
The Simon Leadley Scoring Stage & The Studio Trackdown Studios, Sydney, Australia
Air Studios, London, United Kingdom
Synchron Stage, Vienna, Austria
Château Routas, Bras, France

Album Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering
Executive Album Producer: Chris McKay
Executive in Charge of Music For Warner Bros. Pictures: Niki Sherrod
Executive in Charge of WaterTower Music: Jason Linn
Music Business Affairs Executives: Lisa Margolis & Ray Gonzalez
Album Clearances: Margaret Yen & John F.X. Walsh
Soundtrack Coordinator: Linda Christie
Song Musicians Contractor: Peter Rotter

Special Thanks:
Chris deFaria, Courtenay Valenti, Dan Lin, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Will Allegra, Ryan Halprin, Samantha Nisenboim, Sean Wimmer, Chris Leahy, Gabe Hilfer, John Venzon, Will Kaplan, David Burrows, Justin Tranter, Colton Fisher, Mark Davis, Trisha Gum, David & Eva Balfe, Nina & Rufus Balfe

Thanks to:
Dustin Addis, Oren Agman, Darrell Alexander, Maria Alonte, Susan Arnold, Pete Axelrad, Bret Bassi, Hayley Beisler, Maria Belli, Audrey Benoualid, Joseph Billé, Randy Bol, Andrew Brightman, Paul Broucek, Christine Calip, Rocco Carrozza, Candace Carlo, Celeste Chada, Wendy Christiansen, Ollie Fitzgerald, Esther Friedman, Greg Garbowsky, Kerrylyn Genetive, Laura Glass, Jesse Goldsmith, Christopher Gutch, Amy Hartman, Dirk Hebert, Kerry Hickey, Patricia Joseph, Joe Kara, Kevin Kertes, Kolette Kleber, Eliot Knapman, Jeff Koenig, Jake Kozarec, Evan Lamberg, Brian Lambert, David Leiman, Raymond Lewis, Queenie Li, Alison Litton, Anna Livingston, Joe Maggini, Tom Marr-Johnson, Craig Marshall, Gary Miller, Robert Minzner, Genevieve Morris, Amber Naismith, Ralph Paredes, Elizabeth Paw, Jasper Randall, Joel Roman, Peter Rotter, Scot Sherrod, Suzanne Strickland, Lauren Sudar, Christina Swintek, Phillip Tallman, Courtney Teixera, Matt Town, Steve Wall, Shelby Weiser, Steph Whittier, Margaret Yen, Clare Yezerski, Cindy Zaplachinski & Robert Zick