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THE CROSSING Original Scores CD Album



Disc 1

01 Melody of Autumn Silver Grass 3:59
02 Song of Autumn Silver Grass <Theme Song / Japanese Version> 4:14
03 Chapter of Farewell 4:14
04 Departure to a Brand New Day 4:27
05 Lightness Behind the Heaven 4:55
06 Red Waltz 3:39
07 Poetry of Autumn Silver Grass 3:12
08 Tears and Memories 4:35
09 With Immortal Bliss 4:37
10 A Letter of Autumn Silver Grass 4:12
11 Song of Autumn Silver Grass <Theme Song / International Version> 4:16
12 The Red Cliff 8:12
Disc length 54:32



01. Melody of Autumn Silver Grass
featuring Yuko Mifune

02. Song of Autumn Silver Grass
<Theme Song / Japanese Version>
featuring Hitomi Yaida

03. Chapter of Farewell
featuring Nobuo Furukawa

04. Departure to a Brand New Day

05. Lightness Behind the Heaven
featuring Norie Suzuki

06. Red Waltz
featuring Nobuya Sugawa

07. Poetry of Autumn Silver Grass
featuring Souichi Muraji

08. Tears and Memories
featuring Hideki Wachi

09. With Immortal Bliss
featuring Nobuya Sugawa

10. A Letter of Autumn Silver Grass
featuring Yuko Mifune

11. Song of Autumn Silver Grass
<Theme Song / International Version>
featuring Hitomi Yaida

12. The Red Cliff
as bonus track

All tracks composed, arranged, orchestrated and produced by Taro Iwashiro

Recording Engineer: Masashi Goto
Additional Recording Engineer: Kazunori Okamoto

Mixing Engineers:
Kazunori Okamoto
Masanori Tamura (on bonus track)

Recorded from September to December in 2014 at Sound City Studio
Additional Recording from June to July in 2015
Bonus Track Recording on October in 2007

Recorded & Mixed at Sound City Studio
Bonus Track Mixing on October in 2011

Mastering Engineer: Rena Koyanagi of form THE MASTER
Mastering at form THE MASTER room R on December 22 in 2015

Performed by
Taro Iwashiro conducting,
Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra except track 02 & 11
  (session leader: Tomoshige Yamamoto)
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra on tracks 02 & 11
  (session leader: Eiji Arai)

Hitomi Yaida, Female Vocals and Background Vocals
Norie Suzuki, Soprano Vocalize
Nobuya Sugawa, Soprano and Alto Saxophones
Souichi Muragi, Classical Guitar
Hideki Wachi, Mandolin and Mandola
Nobuo Furukawa, Solo Cello
Yuko Mifune, Piano
Mami Ishizuka, Background Vocals
Taro Iwashiro, Additional Piano
Midi Programmers: Hidetoshi Miyai and Hideyuki Fukasawa

"Song of Autumn Silver Grass" Japanese lyrics by Hitomi Yaida
"Song of Autumn Silver Grass" English lyrics by Gary Perlman

Musicans Co-ordinated by Hiroshi Yamada
Recording Co-ordinated by Ken Akechi for Sound City Studio
Score Preparation: NHK Business Create Inc.
Vocal Recording Advisor: Alex Queen

Assistant to Taro: Michiyo Sakamaki for Moustache Inc.
Music Supervisor also Interpreter of Chinese: Shinji Azuma
Recording Management: Tsugihiko Sasaki
Management Supervisor to Taro: Akiko Takakuwa
International Agent to Taro: Yoko A. Truffart for Action 5 Inc. In L.A.

A&R Directors: Kaori Sugioka, Ryuta Yonezawa for Yamaha Music Communcations
Promotion Staff: Shigeki Shimizu for Yamaha Music Communcations
Sales Staff: Koichi Kashiwakura for Yamaha Music Communcations
Art Director: Ryotaro Kawashima

Album Producer: Taro Iwashiro
Executive Producer: Nobuyuki Ogino for Yamaha Music Communcations
General Producers: Tsugihiko Sasaki & Akihisa Godo for Yamaha Music Communcations

Taro would like to thank
all the staff of Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra,
all the staff of Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra,
all the staff of Sound City Studio and members of Moustache
also to
all the staff of Yamaha Music Communications
Warmest thanks to
David Wu, Angie Lam, Marc Lee, Joe Chan,
Rie Tachibana, Kovacs Eva, Yao-Alex-Lishan
Deepest thanks to my dearest supportive family
Endless thanks to Beijin Galloping Horse Film
and Lion Rock Productions
Of course, Terence Chang
Greatest thanks to John & Annie Woo

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