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Strangely in Love

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 841787131026
Release Date Feb 08, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PublisherT-65b Records / /
DistributorLoudr / /


Composer / Austin Wintory, Thomas Hjorth, Laura Vall
Arranger / Susie Seiter, Austin Wintory
Performer / Scott Tennant, Hermine Deurloo, Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Amy Tatum, Andrew Leonard, Charissa Barger, Tom Boyd, Amin Matalqa, Austin Wintory, The Controversy
Lyricist / Thomas Hjorth, Laura Vall
Mastering Engineer / Steve Kempster
Conductor / Oleg Kondratenko


Disc 1

01 Chapter 1: The Underground Man 1:55
02 Chapter 2: Nastenka 2:56
03 The Stalker 1:43
04 I tend to fall in love from a distance 3:53
05 Chapter 3: First Date 2:32
06 A History of Steve 4:05
07 Love Me 1:02
08 Chapter 4: Sister Sarah 3:34
09 The Labyrinth 4:29
10 Chapter 5: Letters from Africa 1:59
11 I've already removed him from my heart 0:31
12 Not just any brother 2:55
13 Chapter 6: The Return of Steve 2:59
14 I Love Dostoyevsky 2:43
15 Nastenka is my special girl 2:35
16 Chapter 7: New Beginnings 4:59
17 I'm on my journey 3:10
18 A Simple Love 2:07
Disc length 50:07



Music composed and produced by Austin Wintory
Featuring Scott Tennant and Hermine Deurloo

Orchestrations by Susie Seiter and Austin Wintory
Mixed and Mastered by Steve Kempster
Music Preparation by Steve Juliani
Music Editor: Kevin Globerman

Orchestral performances by the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra
Conducted by Oleg Kondratenko
Orchestra contractor: Laurent Koppitz
Digital Recordist: Boban Apostolov

Additional Recording: Paul Pouwer (Power Sound Studio; Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Guitar: Scott Tennant
Harmonica: Hermine Deurloo
Flutes: Amy Tatum
Clarinets: Andrew Leonard
Harp: Charissa Barger
English Horn: Tom Boyd
Cello: Amin Matalqa
Accordion: Austin Wintory

Album Art Direction by Zsutit Molnar

Special thanks to Amin Matalqa, Michelle Lang, Ian Nelms, Sarah Kovacs, Caroline Khoury, Laura Vall & Thomas Hjorth, and Meg.

For Claire.


Written by Thomas Hjorth and Laura Vall
Performed by The Controversy
Produced by Velvet Mind Productions
Recorded at Velvet Mind Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Steve Kempster

String arrangements by Austin Wintory, performed by the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra

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