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A Silent, within The Roar / OLDCODEX [Limited Edition]

Catalog Number LACA-35380
Barcode 4540774353804
Release Date Apr 02, 2014
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 3780 JPY
Media Format CD + DVD
Classification Vocal
LabelLantis / /
ManufacturerLantis Co., Ltd. / /
DistributorBANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. / /



Disc 1 (CD) Vocal

01 reflection 0:32
02 Seek your turn 3:15
03 Frame in Flame 3:41
04 Rage on 4:20
05 WALK 4:21
06 Landscape 4:06
07 wire choir 4:07
08 optimistic negative thing 5:21
09 Backed out 3:32
10 The Misfit Go 3:43
11 How Affection 5:49
Disc length 42:47
Disc 2 (DVD) Video

01 Seek your turn
02 Making of "Seek your turn" Music Video

  Total tracks 13   Total length 42:47


M03 - TV Anime "Bakuman. 3rd Series" Insert Song
M04 - TV Anime "Free!" OP
M05 - TV Anime "Kuroko no Basket 2" ED
M10 - TV Anime "Arata Kangatari" ED1

All Lyrics by YORKE.

Composed by
  Hajime Kato (M02,05)
  yashikin (M03)
  eba (M03,08,10)
  Ta_2 (M04,07)
  Masanori Mine (M06)
  Gz (M09)
  YORKE. (M11)

Arranged by
  OLDCODEX (M01,05)
  Hajime Kato (M02,05)
  eba (M03,08,10)
  Ryosuke "Rio" Shimohata (M04)
  Masanori Mine (M06,11)
  Hisashi Koyama (M07)
  Gz (M09)

Produced & Performed by OLDCODEX

  Vocal: Ta_2
  Painter: YORKE.
  Guitar: Masanori Mine
              Ryosuke Shimohata (M04), Yohske Yamamoto (M10)
  Bass: Taizo Nakamura
            u:zo (M10)
  Drums: Ryo Yamagata

Directed by Natsuki Sugaya [菅谷夏樹] (I WILL)

Vocal Recorded by Kotaro Kosaka
Rhythmn Recorded by Hitoshi Hiruma

Guitar & Bass technician: Kazutaka Minemori

Mixed by Hitoshi Hiruma

Recorded at LAB recorders, Heart Beat.RECORDING STUDIO, BURNISH STONE, VICTOR STUDIO, studio Magic Garden

Mastering Engineer: Hiromichi "tucky" Takiguchi (parasight mastering)
Mastering Studio: parasight mastering

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