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Jungle Taitei / Hinotori Houou Hen TIME TRIP CD 4 Songs Series 7

ジャングル大帝/火の鳥 タイムトリップCD4曲シリーズ 7
Jungle Taitei / Hinotori Houou Hen TIME TRIP CD 4-kyoku Series 7
Catalog Number CC-8246
Barcode 4988001294931
Release Date Jun 01, 1989
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1236 JPY
Media Format Mini CD
Classification Vocal
LabelColumbia / /
ManufacturerNIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / /


Disc 1

01 Jungle Taitei
02 Leo no Uta
03 Kizudarake no Tsubasa
04 Namo Shiranu Hoshi



(01,02) from "Jungle Taitei"
01. opening theme (Columbia version)
02. ending theme (Columbia version)
Composed and Arranged by: Isao Tomita
Lyrics by: Go Ishigooka (01), Masaki Tsuji (02)
Vocal by: Hiroshi Miura, Columbia Female Choir (01), Mieko Hirota, Columbia Female Choir (02)

(03,04) from "Hinotori Hououhen"
03. theme song
04. insert song
Composed by: Isao Sasaki
Arranged by: Hiroshi Takada
Lyrics by: Shukei Nagasaka
Vocal by: Isao Sasaki

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