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Visual Art's: Haru wo Kuchizusamu Song Selection 2017

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 08, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 750 JPY
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
LabelKey Sounds Label / /
PublisherVISUAL ARTS Co., Ltd. / /


Disc 1

01 fortune card 4:29
02 Run 5:41
03 Scattered Blossoms 3:51
04 World Link 4:39
05 A Couple of Idiots 5:29
06 Exotic Toy Box 3:12
07 The Stone That Became a Star 6:31
08 Love Letter (REMIX) 6:34
09 Nagisa 7:08
10 Albina 5:04
11 Fight for nowhere 3:47
12 To the Same Heights 3:54
13 A Modest Beginning 5:55
Disc length 66:14



M-01 - from album "circle of fifth"
Vocal: Ayaka Kitazawa
Composer: Shinji Orito
Arranger: Masatomo Ota, EFFY
Lyricist: Kai

M-02 - from album "Humanity..."
Vocal: Hidetsuna Fujita
Composer: Shinji Orito
Arranger: Shigeru Kiyokawa
Lyricist: Jun Maeda

M-03 - from Rewrite Arrangement Album "Soil"
Composer: Ryo Mizutsuki
Arranger: Raiden Nakayama

M-04 - from album "Key Net Radio Vol.2"
Composer: Shinji Orito
Arranger: Donmaru
Lyricist: Kai

M-05 - from CLANNAD remix album -memento-
Composer: Shinji Orito
Arranger: Magome Togoshi

M-06 - from Little Busters! / Kud Wafter Piano Arrange Album "ripresa"
Piano: Mica Bando
Composer: PMMK
Arranger: Keiji Inai

M-07 - from album "Love Song"
Vocal: riya
Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: Kujira Shionagi
Lyricist: Jun Maeda

M-08 - from KEYNOTE -Key Sounds Remix Album-
Vocal: yanaginagi
Composer: Shinji Orito
Remixer: Soshi Hosoi
Lyricist: Yuto Tonokawa

M-09 - from KEY Compilation Mini Album "Ma-Na"
Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: Seiichi Kyoda

M-10 - from album "Albina ~Assorted Kudwaf Songs~"
Vocal: Duca
Composer: Junichi Shimizu
Arranger: Junichi Shimizu
Lyricist: Kai

M-11 - from Rewrite & Rewrite Harvest festa! Arrange Album "dye mixture"
Composer: Shinji Orito
Arranger: a2c

M-12 - from CLANNAD / Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album "Piano no Mori"
Composer: Magome Togoshi
Arranger: Ryo Mizutsuki

M-13 - from Rewrite Harvest festa! Original SoundTrack "Feast"
Vocal: Runa Mizutani (NanosizeMir)
Composer: Yuichiro Tsukagoshi (NanosizeMir)
Arranger: Yuichiro Tsukagoshi (NanosizeMir)
Lyricist: Yuichiro Tsukagoshi (NanosizeMir)

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