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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 07, 2017
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherKirby's Dream Band / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composed by / Mike Montemarano, Hirokazu Tanaka / , Yasunori Mitsuda / , Andy Armer, Gábor Foltán, László Fazekas, Jun Ishikawa / , Tadashi Ikegami / , Kazumi Totaka / , Simon Norberg (FantomenK), Nathan Barnatt* (Keith Apicary), Kazuo Sawa /
Arranged by / Mike Montemarano, Ian Luckey, Ryan Munz, Harry Foster (Frostingbones)
Lyrics / Raheem Jarbo (Mega Ran)
Artist / Kirby's Dream Band
    Drums / Erich Beckmann (ErichWK)
    Bass / Andre Beller
    Keyboards / Ian Luckey, Mike Montemarano (Monte)
    Guitar / Ryan Munz (MunzadetH), Jake Foster, Ryan Olson
Rap / Mega Ran*
Bass / Max Noël (Wild_Cat)
Produced by / Mega Ran
Remix / Frostingbones, Mega Ran
Mixed by / Mike Ault, Mike Montemarano, Andreas Kotsamanidis, Ryan Munz, Brian Rumsey, Andre Beller, Harry Foster (Frostingbones)
Mastered by / Mike Ault, Alvin Wee, Luiza S. Carvalho (LuIzA), Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar), Ryan Munz, Andreas Kotsamanidis, Andre Beller, Harry Foster (Frostingbones)
Album Art / Maiko Z


Disc 1 Arrangement

01 Shibuya Shift 3:12
02 Dr. Mario (Fever) 2:10
03 Epoch ~ Wings of Time 3:09
04 Treasure Caves 2:33
05 Drawcia Sorceress 2:21
06 Wave Race 64 Medley 6:28
07 Neo Geo Song (Karaoke Mix) 3:29
08 Super Dodge Ball 3:11
09 Chrono Trigger (*Remix* by Mega Ran and Frostingbones) 3:46
Disc length 30:19



Erich Beckmann (ErichWK) - Drums
Andre Beller - Bass
Ian Luckey - Keyboards
Mike Montemarano (Monte) - Keyboards
Ryan Munz (MunzadetH) - Guitar
Jake Foster - Guitar (Tracks 1, 4-6)
Ryan Olson - Guitar (Tracks 2-3, 7-9)
Max Noël (Wild_Cat) - Bass (Track 6)

Album Art by Maiko Z


Composed and Arranged by Mike Montemarano
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Ault
Originally Produced for Rocket League

"Fever" from Dr. Mario
Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka
Arranged by Ian Luckey
Mixed by Mike Ault
Mastered by Alvin Wee
Originally Produced for Harmony of Heroes

"Epoch ~ Wings of Time" from Chrono Trigger
Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by Ian Luckey
Mixed by Mike Montemarano
Mastered by Luiza S. Carvalho (LuIzA)
Originally Produced for Chronicles of Time

"Password Entry, Treasure Caves, Mysterious Ridge" from Ecco Jr.
Music for the game composed by Andy Armer, Gábor Foltán, and László Fazekas
Arranged by Ian Luckey
Mixed by Andreas Kotsamanidis
Mastered by Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar)
Originally Produced for SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin

"Drawcia Sorceress" from Kirby: Canvas Curse
Music for the game composed by Jun Ishikawa and Tadashi Ikegami
Arranged by Ian Luckey
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Munz
Originally Produced for Danse Macabre V

"Main Title", "Dolphin Park", "Sunset Bay", "Sandy Beach", "Port Pirates", "Marine Fortress", and "Southern Island" from Wave Race 64
Composed by Kazumi Totaka
Arranged and Mixed by Ryan Munz
Mastered by Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar)
Originally Produced for Tribute Album 64

"Neo Geo Song" by Nathan Barnatt (Keith Apicary)
Composed by Simon Norberg (FantomenK)
Arranged by Ian Luckey
Mixed by Brian Rumsey
Mastered by Andreas Kotsamanidis
Originally Produced for Nathan Barnatt

"All-Stars Theme" and "USSR Theme" from Super Dodge Ball
Composed by Kazuo Sawa
Arranged by Ryan Munz
Mixed and Mastered by Andre Beller
Originally Produced for Dwelling of Duels

"Secret of the Forest" and "Corridors of Time" from Chrono Trigger
Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by Harry Foster (Frostingbones) and Ian Luckey
Lyrics by Raheem Jarbo (Mega Ran)
Mixed and Mastered by Harry Foster (Frostingbones)
Originally Produced by/for Mega Ran

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Products represented
Rocket League, Dr. Mario, Chrono Trigger, Ecco Jr., Kirby: Canvas Curse, Wave Race 64, Super Dodge Ball
Platforms represented
Arcade, NEC PC-Engine, NES (Famicom), Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, PC, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), SNES (Super Famicom), Sony PlayStation 4

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