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Shadow Man : Inspirations

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 02, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4.00 GBP
Media Format Digital
Classification Remix, Original Work, Prototype/Unused
OrganizationsTim Haywood (distributed by Bandcamp)


Composer / Tim Haywood, Beethoven
Arranger / The Ding, The Buddha Brothers
Performer / Tim Haywood


Disc 1 Original Soundtrack, Remix, Prototype/Unused

01 Shadow Man : Return to Deadside 3:06
02 Moonlight Sonata (Smoke & Mirrors) 6:09
03 Shadow Man - The Fallen 1:43
04 Jack's Moonlight Sonata 5:31
05 Wasted (The Ding) Dub Mix 2:08
06 Cruz (The Ding) Breaking Bad Mix 2:51
07 Shadow Ding (The Ding) Remix 1:39
08 Watchers at the Gate of Souls 5:09
09 Wasted (Buddha Brothers) Trance Mix 6:29
Disc length 34:45



A collection of new material and remixes, informed and inspired by the music of the video game "Shadow Man".

Music written, produced and performed by Tim Haywood


Track Notes:

"Title Music for the indie project "Return to Deadside", a project that was an attempt to remake the video game Shadow Man, for modern consoles, and computers. Sadly now defunct. However the music remains."

Written, produced, and performed by Tim Haywood

"Taken from the future release "The Five" by Tim Haywood"

Written by Beethoven
Produced and performed by Tim Haywood

"Piano performance of the Shadow Man Theme, from the video game Shadow Man."

Written, produced, and performed by Tim Haywood

"The 9th of November 1888, by my deeds I am known, and they are truly bloody."

"An unreleased version of Moonlight Sonata performed by Tim Haywood originally created for the video game Shadow Man, but never released until now."

Composed by Beethoven
Performance & Production by Tim Haywood

M-5, M-6, M-7
Composed and Produced by Tim Haywood for Shadow Man
Remixed & Additional Production by The Ding

"Special Version of the final battle music, from the video game Shadow Man"

Written, produced, and performed by Tim Haywood

"Remix of "Wasteland" from the video game Shadow Man"

Written by Tim Haywood
Remixed by The Buddha Brothers
Produced by Tim Haywood

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Nintendo 64, PC, Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation

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