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Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Original Soundtrack

ラジアントヒストリア パーフェクトクロノロジー オリジナルサウンドトラック


Disc 1

01 Falling Flower, Flowing Water 3:54
03 Mechanical Kingdom 3:11
04 To the Battlefield 1:43
05 Blue Radiance 4:09
06 Forever Proud 3:47
07 To the Future that Awaits Ahead 2:40
08 Fun Times 3:49
09 Beyond the Wilderness 3:14
10 The Edge of Green 3:15
11 Victory! 0:47
12 Breeze Over the Ocean 4:18
13 Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust 2:36
14 The Garden Where the Celestite Lies 2:59
15 The Melody Connecting the World 1:48
16 Unending Clear Blue Sky 3:06
17 Shadows Dancing in the Dark 4:13
18 The Red Locus 3:35
19 Wildness and Toughness 3:35
20 Rebellion 1:45
Disc length 61:50
Disc 2

01 Where the Wind and Feathers Return 2:24
02 Impending Crisis 1:04
03 Interrupted Moment 1:45
04 Memories of the World 3:06
05 An Earnest Desire of Grey 4:24
06 Affectionate Moment 3:13
07 Memories and Fragments of the Record 5:11
08 The Colourless Moment 4:36
09 -HISTORIA- 4:30
10 Falling Flower, Flowing Water (Instrumental ver.) 3:53
11 -HISTORIA- (Instrumental ver.) 4:29
12 Falling Flower, Flowing Water (Arrange ver.) 4:07
13 Breeze Over the Ocean (Arrange ver.) 4:50
14 RADIANT HISTORIA (Arrange ver.) 4:27
15 Mechanical Kingdom (Arrange ver.) 3:32
16 Where the Wind and Feathers Return (Arrange ver.) 3:21
17 Blue Radiance (Arrange ver.) 4:00
18 -HISTORIA- (Arrange ver.) 5:24
19 Falling Flower, Flowing Water (Short ver.) 1:35
20 -HISTORIA- (Short ver.) 2:07
Disc length 71:58


Music Composed, Arranged & Produce: Yoko Shimomura

Disc 1-01
Vocal: Haruka Shimotsuki
Words & Music: Yoko Shimomura
Arrangement: AKIRA from LaiD Back Gorilla
Violin: Akihisa Tsuboy
Bass & Keyboards: AKIRA (LaiD Back Gorilla)
Drums: Okaji (LaiD Back Gorilla)
Guitar: Daiken (LaiD Back Gorilla)
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Kunihiro Imazeki

Disc 2-12
Drum: Maoki Yamamoto
E.Bass: Shigeki Ippon
A. Guitar: Masato Ishinari
Piano: Yui Morishita
Strings: ENS Strings
1st Violin: Kota Nagahara, Takayuki Oshikane, Mizue Akaike, Fumihiro Fukutome, Koji Suzuki, Yuko Kajitani
2nd Violin: Kiyo Kido, Tetsuo Tsushima, Natsue Kameda, Anna Kapitanio Otsuka
Viola: Takahiro Enokido, Taku Koike
Cello: Ayano Kasahara, Tomoya Kikuchi
Contrabass: Koichi Yonenaga
Recording Engineer: Kunihiro Imazeki
Assistant Engineer: Norihiko Katsumata
Arrangement: Sachiko Miyano (Shangri-la inc.)
Contractor: Tsutomu Satomi (Shangri-la inc.)
Recording Studio: ONKIO HAUS

Disc 2-13
Piano & Arrangement Yui Morishita
Recording Engineer: Kunihiro Imazeki
Assistant Engineer: Norihiko Katsumata
Contractor: Tsutomu Satomi (Shangri-la inc.)
Recording Studio: ONKIO HAUS

Disc 2-14~18 [Piano Arrange]
Piano: Febian Reza Pane
Arrangement: Sachiko Miyano
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Kentaro Kikuchi
Assistant Engineer: Kei Izawa
Recording Studio: CRESCENTE STUDIO

Disc 2-09,11,20
Vocal: Haruka Shimotsuki
Guitar: Hideyuki Yonekawa
Violin: Ayako Ishikawa
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Toshiyuki Yoshida
Recording Studio: Sound City

Disc 1-02~20, Disc 2-01~09,11,20
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Toshiyuki Yoshida

Game Design: ATLUS
Director: Mitsuru Hirata (ATLUS)
Character Design: Masaki Hirooka
Production Coordinator: Hidemi Muramoto (ATLUS)

A&R: Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)

Mastering Studio: ONKIO HAUS
Mastering Engineer: Wataru Ishii

Graphic Design: Megumi Maruyawa (TEAM Entertainment)

Sales Promotion: Aika Kuboshima (TEAM Entertainment)
Public Relations: Masaki Hasegawa (TEAM Entertainment)

Executice Producer: Yusuke Hasegawa (TEAM Entertainment)

Supervision: ATLUS

Includes the music of the DS original as well as the new music of the 3DS remake. Included with the Perfect Edition of the game and released as a standalone album.

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