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Balthazar's Dream Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number MCOL-0034
Barcode 0856146007201
Release Date Jun 02, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 5.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelMateria Collective / /
PublisherMateria Collective LLC / /
Phonographic CopyrightMateria Collective LLC / /


Composer / Taylor Ambrosio Wood


Disc 1

01 The Accident 1:05
02 Main Titles 2:16
03 Following Dustin 2:26
04 Linux The Furious Cat-astrophy 1:04
05 The Dream Forest 2:23
06 The Dream Forest on Mushrooms 2:27
07 Balthazar in Space 3:06
08 It’s Not Your Fault 2:03
09 Trapped 2:07
10 Dustin is Taken 1:29
11 Balthazar’s Battle 1:22
12 Reunited 0:41
Disc length 22:29



"To convey Balthazar's dream world through music, I wanted to use instruments and textures you wouldn’t normally hear together. Toy piano with mbira, hang drum, marimba, voices, metallic percussion, udu, frame drums, synths overlaid with strings, and many other unusual sounds. I also played a lot with how tuning affects our perception of music by using 'out-of-tune' instruments interlocked with those in standard Western-tuning.

The combination of de-tuned instruments, unusual textures, and cyclical interlocking patterns create a sensation that things within this sonic world are not quite right…


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