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PokéMemories Vol.02

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jul 01, 2017
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 8.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal, Original Work
PublisherPokérus / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Disc 1 Arrangement

01 Dreams are but Another Reality (Southern Islands - ORAS) 2:12
02 No Colors (Battle vs Colress - B2W2) 4:42
03 Memory P (Azalea Town - GSC) feat. Mari 3:28
04 I Forgot my External Battery (Pokémon GO) feat. Matias Castro 4:08
05 Diamond Dust (Snowpoint City - DPPt) 4:41
06 And Justice for Lance (Battle vs Lance - GSC) feat. Limaco 4:06
07 La Conga del Unown (Ruins of Alph - GSC) 5:18
08 Exitandis Vox Antiqua (Cave of Origin - RSE) 1:54
09 Primal Fetid Blasphemic Slaughter (Battle vs Weather Trio - RSE) 1:19
10 Lorekeeper (Sky Pillar - ORAS) feat. Mari 7:21
11 A Death Flower (Battle vs Zinnia - ORAS) feat. Atsumu 4:38
12 Larvalis Ab Astrum (Per Aspera ad Astra, Battle vs Deoxys - ORAS) 5:40
13 Riding on the Stars (Pokémon Special Manga) feat. Jer Roque & Natalie Clyne 4:12
14 AEther in my Skull (Battle vs Team Skull Admin, AEther Foundation - SM) feat. Jer Roque, Atsumu, SwigglesRP, Sigmabeta, David Russell, Mkafie 5:40
15 Milagro - Acoustic Version (Ending - XY) feat. Tenno 4:51
Disc length 64:10



"PokéMemories Vol.02" is the second of 4 albums fully dedicated to the Pokémon music. Each of these tracks pays tribute to all the beautiful memories, friendships, opportunities and nice moments the franchise has gave me through my entire life to this day.
It's a very personal album, so I hope you really like it! :D"

- Arrangements, Recordings, Mixing, Mastering, Album Art and Sketchbook Illustrations by Patricio "Pokérus" Thielemann.

- Voices in "All dreams are but another Reality" by Patricio Thielemann
- Vocals in "Memory P" by Marisol Santibañez (Mari)
- Pianos and Keyboards in "I forgot my external Battery" by Matias Castro Cancino
- Voices in "I forgot my external Battery" by Marisol Santibañez (Mari) and Patricio Thielemann
- Guitar solo in "And justice for Lance" by Javier Soto (Limaco)
- Narration in "Lorekeeper" by Marisol Santibañez (Mari)
- Violas and Violins in "A Death Flower" by Gabriel Vizcarra (Atsumu)
- Music on "Riding on the Stars" by Patricio Thielemann
- Lyrics to "Riding on the Stars" adapted from the final chapter of the Gold & Silver arc in the manga, 'Pokémon Adventures'
- Pianos in "Riding on the Stars" by Jer Roque
- Vocals in "Riding on the Stars" by Natalie Clyne
- Pianos in "AEther in my Skull" by Jer Roque
- Keyboards in "AEther in my Skull" by David Russell
- Guitar Solo in "AEther in my Skull" by Ro Panuganti (SwigglesRP)
- Violas in "AEther in my Skull" by Gabriel Vizcarra (Atsumu)
- Violins in "AEther in my Skull" by Maria Bastos (Mkafie)
- Alto and Tenor Saxophones in "Aether in my Skull" by Eder Bastos (Sigmabeta)
- Vocals on "Milagro - Acoustic Version" by Angélica Moya (Tenno)

Music by:
Morikazu Aoki (01, 08)
Hitomi Sato (02, 05)
Go Ichinose (03)
Junichi Masuda (04, 06, 07, 09, 10)
Shota Kageyama (11, 15)
Hideaki Kuroda & Shota Kageyama / Junichi Masuda (12)
Pokérus (13)
Minako Adachi / Minako Adachi (14)

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