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Falcom Special Box '89 (2) ~Symphony + Disco + Surround Theater Ys~

ファルコム・スペシャル・ボックス '89 (2) ~Symphony + Disco + Surround Theater Ys~
Catalog Number NW10102230
Barcode 4956027122033
Release Date Dec 22, 1999
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2079 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
LabelFalcom / /
PublisherNihon Falcom Corporation / /


Disc 1

01 Sorcerian Suite "Ending II ~ The Cave of Life ~ Pounding Heart" 7:59
02 Xanadu Scenario II "Ending Theme" 3:23
03 From Ys "First Step Towards Wars" (Grasslands) 2:49
04 Disco - Super Nonstop Version 19:24
05 "Feena" From Ys 3:39
06 "Companile of Lane" (Shrine's Bell Tower) From Ys II 3:41
07 "Subterranean Canal" (Waterways Beneath the Shrine) From Ys II 2:00
08 "Pressure Road" (The Core of the Land of Ys) From Ys II 1:35
09 "Feena" From Ys 2:00
10 "Termination" (Final Boss Darm) From Ys II 3:48
11 "Stay with Me Forever" (Ending II) From Ys II 2:03
12 "First Step Towards Wars" (Grasslands) From Ys 1:47
Disc length 54:08



1~3: Symphony
4: Disco
5~15: Surround Theater Ys

Composition: Nihon Falcom (Except "Ending Theme" composed by Takahito Abe)
Arrangement: Kentaro Haneda
Performance: King Symphonic Orchestra

Disco - Super Nonstop Version
    * Ending Theme (Dragon Slayer IV)
    * Opening Theme (Romancia)
    * Romancia Kingdom (Romancia)
    * Cenote (Temple of the Sun)
    * Feena (Ys)
    * Tower of the Shadow of Death (Ys)
    * Castle (Sorcerian)
    * Safe Return (Sorcerian)
    * Subterranean Dungeon (Sorcerian)
    * Tower (Sorcerian)
    * To Make the End of Battle (Ys II)
    * May I Help You? (Ys II)
    * Ruins of Moondoria (Ys II)
    * Stay With Me Forever (Ys II)

Composition: Nihon Falcom (Except tracks 2~4)
Arrangement: Koji Sakuyama

Composition: Nihon Falcom
Arrangement: Kentaro Haneda, Hiroyuki Namba

Adol: Yasunori Matsumoto
Feena: Fumi Hirano
Narration & True Bass Darm: Tessho Genda
Dalles <underling of Darm>: Akio Ohtsuka

Musical Producer & Arrangement: Kentaro Haneda (SYMPHONY), Koji Sakuyama (DISCO), Tetsuo Segawa (瀬川徹夫) (SURROUND THEATER)
Engineer: Ryoji Fukushima (SYMPHONY), Takao Suga (DISCO), Tetsuo Segawa (SURROUND THEATER)

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