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SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Zanarkand Mix)

Catalog Number MCOL-0040-Z
Release Date Aug 18, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 12.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
Published by Materia Collective / /
Composed by Junya Nakano / , Masashi Hamauzu / , Nobuo Uematsu /
Arranged by Sauraen, Joshua Taipale, Bijan Eghtesady, Rich Douglas, Rozen, Evan Yanagida, Calbert Warner, Stephen Froeber, Michael Hoffman, Joe Zieja, Faseeh, Lord Bif Music, Josué Ferreira, Nautilus T Party, Jaime Cross, Sebastien Skaf, Skill Tree, Fabian Fabro, Catboss., John Robert Matz, Brandon Strader, Songe, Joshua Matthews, Dacian Grada, Jay Fernandes, Ian Luckey, Patricio Thielemann, MFSTATE, Richie Palys, Michael Garrett Steele, Anne Strader, Jon Bash, Peter Bobinski, Trey Hodge, Orie Falconer, Lee Neikirk, Matias Castro Cancino, Laura Platt, Matheus Manente, Thomas Kresge, Jeff Brenneman, Thomas Houlden, sigmabeta, Andrew Filipski, Ben Centra, Tiago Rodrigues, Matthew S. Harrison, Lee Prisby, Jordan Chin, Ian Martyn
Performed by Andrew Filipski, Sean Schafianski, Triforce Quartet (Chad Schwartz, Chris Ferrara, Jacob Roege, Stanley Beckwith), Joshua Taipale, Lee Neikirk, Mitchell Cairns, Julie Elven, Brian Diamond, Jordan Chin, Sebastien Skaf, Sirenstar, Josué Ferreira, Jer Roque, MFSTATE, Thennecan, Fabian Fabro, Mklachu, Austin Hart, John Robert Matz, ETHEReal String Orchestra (Andrew Steffen, Andrew Stern), Annie Rosen, Daniel Romberger, Ian Luckey, Jeff Swingle, Masha Lepire, Matheus Manente, Michael Hoffman, Nautilus T Party, Peter Bobinski, Dacian Grada, Ro Panuganti, Jay Fernandes, Bijan Eghtesady, ErichWK, Ivan Hakštok, Richie Palys, Josh Roman, Michael Garrett Steele, Doug Perry, Joe Chen, Ruby Toung, Peter Kim, Sam Bobinski, Chris Vaughn, Marc Papeghin, Trey Hodge, Orie Falconer, Robby Duguay, Fernando Kähs, Marcela Estelië, Carlos Eiene, Felipe Salinas, Jeff Brenneman, Octorock (Brandon Wall, Conrad Gluch, John Nicholson, Josh Smiley, Keagan Eskritt, Liam Gallagher, Thomas Houlden, Zach Smith), Marie Goudy, sigmabeta, Tiago Rodrigues, Alex Hill, Emmanuel Lagumbay, Francisco J Joubert, Ian Martyn, Jesse Buddington, Ken Crouch, Kristin Naigus, Laura Intravia, Lori Syngajewski, Lucas Guimaraes, Ryan Ike, Stephen Robert Froeber, Travis Vengroff, Klaymore (Dan Sudano, George Kipilo, Lee Prisby), Life Stream, Darby Cupit, Lauren the Flute
Lyrics by Sirenstar, Ian Luckey, Marcela Estelië, Matheus Manente, Jeff Brenneman, Darby Cupit, Lauren the Flute


Disc 1

01 Prelude 4:00
02 Blues for Jecht 4:31
03 Leap in the Dark 3:31
04 Run for the Odyssey 2:34
05 Battle for Spira 5:07
06 Phantoms 4:06
07 Depths of Fayth 3:42
08 Spira Unplugged 2:36
09 Besaid 4:43
10 On Verdant Fields 4:11
11 Dreaming [Theme of Tidus] 4:46
12 Luca 2:54
13 A Measure of Fayth 4:08
14 Never Wakka Way - Extended TV Theme 4:35
15 Mi'ihen Highroad 4:57
16 Wandering Flame 2:52
17 Rin By a Mile 3:16
18 Yuna's Theme 1:48
19 Djose TemplaaaaAAAAAあああああ 4:30
20 Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Spaghetti) 3:56
21 Persistence 3:39
22 Fayth 2:32
23 This is Your Story (Farplane Remix) 4:28
24 I've Seen Spawns! 2:06
25 Other Otherworld 3:48
26 Mekrdhehk Cdnegac Padfaah Ic 3:12
27 Run from the Guado! 3:48
28 Fear the Fayth 3:02
29 Yuna the Wolf 3:39
31 The Unsent Laugh 4:41
32 (Cyber-)Assault (on MechaSin) 3:12
33 VP 4:38
34 Let the Truth Out! 3:31
35 Laid to Rest 3:43
36 The Spherimorph Sleeps 2:59
37 A Fleeting Dream 4:12
38 Moonlight on the Waves (Suteki Da Ne) 2:47
39 Illusion (Is This A Dream) 2:53
40 Bravely Swingin' 4:52
41 Punder Plains 2:23
42 Hymn of the Fayth - Ixion 3:48
43 Calm Before the Storm 3:54
44 Rock De Chocobo 3:15
45 Run!! 3:11
46 Rave With Seymour 5:10
47 Bemknesyka (The Trials) 4:42
48 Auron's Theme 3:14
49 Decisive Battle 4:20
50 The Way To Zanarkand 4:31
Disc length 184:18

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"SPIRA is a large-scale collaborative remix project honoring the music from Final Fantasy X. Created by the Materia Collective, SPIRA is divided into two 50-track albums with almost 3 hours worth of music on each album. Zanarkand Mix features a more contemporary mix of covers, including a wide range of rock and electronic music in addition to some acoustic interpretations, representing Tidus's journey from Zanarkand through the foreign world of Spira."

SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X - Zanarkand Mix was made possible by the following individuals:

Emily McMillan: Producer, Video Ads (Filming)
Joe Chen: Producer, Video Ads (Director, editing)
Ann Zeng: Video Ads (Acting)
Ben Cohn: Mentoring
Bonnie Bogovich: Mentoring
Brian Diamond: Mentoring, Video Ads (Voice acting)
Catie Vercammen-Grandjean: Video Ads (Editing)
Emmanuel Lagumbay: Mentoring, Video Ads (Acting)
Fabian Fabro: Video Ads (Director)
Felipe Salinas: Mentoring
Ian Luckey: Mentoring
Ian Martyn: Mentoring
James Hoffmann: Mentoring
Jayson Napolitano: Marketing
Jeff Brenneman: Video Ads (Director, filming, editing)
Julia Seeholzer: Mentoring
Kate McMillan: Album Art
Lauren Liebowitz: Marketing (Zanarkand Mix Listening Party Host)
Mary Kate Jimenez-Wall: Mentoring
Matheus Manente : Video Ads (Editing), Video Ads (Editing)
Michaela Nachtigall: Video Ads (Filming, editing)
Sean Schafianski: Mentoring
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer
Stephen Froeber: Mastering Engineer, Mentoring
Thomas Kresge: Mentoring
Tim Rosko: Video Ads (Acting)

1. Prelude
Sauraen: Producer
Andrew Filipski: Guitars
Chad Schwartz: Cello
Chris Ferrara: Violin
Jacob Roege: Violin
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Sauraen: Arranger
Sean Schafianski: Alto Saxophone
Stanley Beckwith: Viola
Triforce Quartet: Strings

2. Blues for Jecht
Andrew Filipski: Guitar (I)
Joshua Taipale: Producer, Arranger, Guitar (II)
Lee Neikirk: Bass
Mitchell Cairns: Drums
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

3. Leap in the Dark
Bijan Eghtesady: Arranger, Producer
Junya Nakano: Composer

4. Run for the Odyssey
Rich Douglas: Producer, Arranger
Junya Nakano: Composer

5. Battle for Spira
Rozen: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Julie Elven: Vocalist
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

6. Phantoms
Evan Yanagida: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Junya Nakano: Composer

7. Depths of Fayth
Schematist: Producer
Calbert Warner: Arranger
Junya Nakano: Composer

8. Spira Unplugged
Stephen Froeber: Producer, Arranger
Brian Diamond: Vocals
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

9. Besaid
Michael Hoffman: Producer, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

10. On Verdant Fields
Joe Zieja: Producer, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

11. Dreaming [Theme of Tidus]
Faseeh: Producer, Arranger
Jordan Chin: Guitars
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Sebastien Skaf: Piano
Sirenstar: Vocals, Lyrics

12. Luca
Lord Bif Music: Producer, Arranger
Junya Nakano: Composer

13. A Measure of Fayth
Josué Ferreira: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Bass
Jer Roque: Piano
MFSTATE: Electric Violin
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Thennecan: Electric Guitar

14. Never Wakka Way - Extended TV Theme
Nautilus T Party: Producer, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

15. Mi'ihen Highroad
Jaime Cross: Producer, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

16. Wandering Flame
Masashi Hamauzu: Composer
Sebastien Skaf: Arranger, Producer

17. Rin By a Mile
Masashi Hamauzu: Composer
Skill Tree: Arranger, Producer

18. Yuna's Theme
FirahFabe: Producer
Fabian Fabro: Arranger, Electric Keyboard, Bass Guitar
Felipe Salinas: Mixing Engineer
Mklachu: Otamatone
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

19. Djose TemplaaaaAAAAAあああああ
Catboss.: Producer, Arranger
Austin Hart: Cello
MFSTATE: Viola, Violin
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

20. Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Spaghetti)
John Robert Matz: Producer, Arranger, Trumpets, Horns, Recorder, Mixing Engineer, Vocals
Andrew Steffen: Violin (I, II), Viola
Andrew Stern: Cello
Annie Rosen: Vocals (Mezzo-Soprano)
Daniel Romberger: Vocals (Men's Chorus)
ETHEReal String Orchestra: Strings
Ian Luckey: Vocals (Men's Chorus)
Jeff Swingle: Vocals (Men's Chorus)
Jordan Chin: Vocals (Men's Choir)
Masha Lepire: Classical Guitar
Matheus Manente: Manente
Michael Hoffman: Vocals (Men's Chorus)
Nautilus T Party: Vocals (Men's Chorus)
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Peter Bobinski: Electric Guitar

21. Persistence
Brandon Strader: Producer, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

22. Fayth
Songe: Producer, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

23. This is Your Story (Farplane Remix)
Joe Sua: Producer
Joshua Matthews: Arranger
Junya Nakano: Composer

24. I've Seen Spawns!
Dacian Grada: Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, MIDI Programming, Mixing Engineer
Junya Nakano: Composer
Ro Panuganti: Electric Guitar (Solo), Assistant Mixing Engineer

25. Other Otherworld
Jay Fernandes: Producer, Arranger, Drums (Programmed), Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Matthew Marteinsson: Mixing Engineer
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

26. Mekrdhehk Cdnegac Padfaah Ic
Ian Luckey: Producer, Arranger, Lyrics, Translation, Vocals, Accordion, Bass, Mixing Engineer
Bijan Eghtesady: Drums
Chris Ferrara: Violin
ErichWK: Acoustic Guitar
Ivan Hakštok: Electric Guitar
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

27. Run from the Guado!
PokérusVGM: Producer
Junya Nakano: Composer
Patricio Thielemann (PokérusVGM): Arranger

28. Fear the Fayth
MFSTATE: Producer, Arranger
Junya Nakano: Composer

29. Yuna the Wolf
Richie Palys: Producer, Arranger, Trombone, Auxiliary Percussion
John Norman: Additional Production
Josh Roman: Guitars
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

Michael Garrett Steele: Producer, Arranger, Vocals, Programming, Heavy Breathing
Doug Perry: Shaker, Udu
Fredrik Häthén: Mixing Engineer
Joe Chen: Viola
Junya Nakano: Composer
Ruby Toung: Prepared Piano

31. The Unsent Laugh
Anne Strader: Producer, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

32. (Cyber-)Assault (on MechaSin)
Jon Bash: Producer, Arranger
Masashi Hamauzu: Composer

33. VP
Peter Bobinski: Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Drums (Programmed), Mixing Engineer
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Peter Kim: Guitar
Sam Bobinski: Bass
Sean Schafianski: Alto Saxophone

34. Let the Truth Out!
Chris Vaughn: Bass
Joshua Taipale: Guitar (II)
Marc Papeghin: Drums
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Trey Hodge: Guitar (II), Rhythm Guitars, Arranger, Mixer

35. Laid to Rest
Orie Falconer: Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Robby Duguay: Acoustic Guitar
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

36. The Spherimorph Sleeps
Lee Neikirk: Producer, Arranger

37. A Fleeting Dream
Matias Castro Cancino: Producer, Arranger
Fernando Kähs: Electric Guitar

38. Moonlight on the Waves (Suteki Da Ne)
Jordan Chin: Producer, Guitar
Laura Platt: Producer, Arranger, Piano, Mixing Engineer
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

39. Illusion (Is This A Dream)
Marcela Estelië: Producer, Vocals, Lyrics
Matheus Manente: Producer, Arranger, Bass, Drums, Guitars, Percussion, Lyrics
Josué Ferreira de Oliveira: Flute
Junya Nakano: Composer

40. Bravely Swingin'
Thomas Kresge: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Carlos Eiene: Tenor Saxophone
Felipe Salinas: Guitar
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Sam Bobinski: Bass
Sean Schafianski: Alto Saxophone

41. Punder Plains
Jeff Brenneman: Producer, Arranger, Lyricist, Vocals (Tidus)
Masashi Hamauzu: Composer
Nautilus T Party: Mixing Engineer, Vocals (Auron)
Sirenstar: Vocals (Rikku)

42. Hymn of the Fayth - Ixion
Octorock: Performing Artist
Brandon Wall: Guitar
Conrad Gluch: Baritone Saxiphone
John Nicholson: Tenor Saxophone
Josh Smiley: Piano
Keagan Eskritt: Drums
Liam Gallagher: Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Bass
Marie Goudy: Trumpet
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Thomas Houlden: Arranger, Trumpet
Zach Smith: Trombone

43. Calm Before the Storm
Jer Roque: Piano
Peter Kim: Guitar
sigmabeta: Producer, Tenor Saxophone, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

44. Rock De Chocobo
Andrew Filipski: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Electric Guitars
Ben Centra: Co Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

45. Run!!
Tiago Rodrigues: Producer, Arranger, Mixer, Bassist, Guitarist
Jordan Chin: Sounds Associate
Junya Nakano: Composer

46. Rave With Seymour
Matthew S. Harrison: Producer, Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

47. Bemknesyka (The Trials)
John Robert Matz: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Production, Tenor Solo, Trumpet (I, II), Horns (I, II)
Alex Hill: Tuba
Andrew Steffen: Violin (I, II), Viola, Bass
Andrew Stern: Cello
Chris Vaughn: Clarinet (I, II)
Daniel Romberger: Trombone (I, II), Vocals
Doug Perry: Snare Drum
Emmanuel Lagumbay: Vocals
Francisco J Joubert: Bassoon
Garrett Steele: Vocals
Ian Luckey: Vocals
Ian Martyn: Vocals
Jeff Swingle: Vocals
Jesse Buddington: Vocals
Ken Crouch: Vocals
Kristin Naigus: Oboe
Laura Intravia: Flute, Piccolo
Lori Syngajewski: Bass Clarinet
Lucas Guimaraes: Vocals
Michael Hoffmann: Vocals
Nautilus T Party: Vocals
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Ryan Ike: Vocals
Stephen Robert Froeber: Balalaika
The ETHEReal String Orchestra: Strings
Travis Vengroff: Accordion

48. Auron's Theme
Klaymore: Performing Artists
Dan Sudano: Guitar
George Kipilo: Bass
Lee Prisby: Guitar, Vocals, Arrangement, Producer
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer

49. Decisive Battle
Jordan Chin: Producer, Arranger, Guitars, Keyboards
Matheus Manente: Producer, Arranger, Bass, Guitars
Masashi Hamauzu: Composer

50. The Way To Zanarkand
Life Stream: Performing Artist
Darby Cupit: Vocals, Lyrics
Ian Martyn: Bass, Harp, Synthesizer, Arranger
Jordan Chin: Drums
Lauren the Flute: Vocals, Flute, Lyrics
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
Tiago Rodrigues: Guitar, Mixing Engineer