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Earthworm Jim Anthology

Catalog Number BSR020
Release Date Oct 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 32.00 EUR
Media Format 2 Vinyl
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Live Event, Remix
Published by Black Screen Records / /
Composed by Tommy Tallarico, Christopher Beck
Arranged by Daniel Baranowsky, Protricity, Mazedude, Mustin, Rayagon, Theodor "Undersky" Berg, Mical Pedriana, Tony Bernetich
Performed by Daniel Baranowsky, Vig, Waleed Hawatky, The OneUps (Greg Kennedy, Anthony Lofton, William Reyes, Mustin, Jared Dunn, Matthew "Moose" Bridges), Tommy Tallarico, Michael "Bijan" Johnson
Lyrics by Daniel Baranowsky


Disc 1

01 Invertebrate Retreat (Subterranean Remix)
02 Tangerine
03 Subterranean
04 Falling
05 Banjo Race
06 Tropical Paradise
07 Junkit
08 Wormaphobic Disorder (Tangerine Remix)
09 Submerged
10 Snot A Problem
11 Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)
12 Glow Worm Jim (Subterranean Radio Edit Remix)
13 Italian Medley
Disc length
Disc 2

01 What the Heck (The Oneups Remix)
02 The Moo Tango
03 Buttville
04 Early Bird (Junkit Remix)
05 Doobeedowapbop
06 Psycrow
07 Darkworm Rag
08 80's Annelid
09 Lorenzen's Dirt (Subterranean Remix)
10 Dixieland Finale
11 Continue to Rock
12 Dad's Tune
13 The Big Top Polka
14 Keyz To New Junk City (Junkit Remix)
15 Party Time
16 Intestinal Distress (Previously Unreleased)
17 Earthworm Jim (Video Game Live Montage)
Disc length


2LP on "Earthworm Jim flesh" colored vinyl and "opaque Snott" colored vinyl.

Side A: Tracks 1-7, Disc 1
Side B: Tracks 8-13, Disc 1
Side C: Tracks 1-9, Disc 2
Side D: Tracks 10-17, Disc 2

Music by Tommy Tallarico Studios, Inc.

Composed, Orchestrated & Arranged by Tommy Tallarico
Additional Music & Orchestration: Tony Bernetich, Christopher Beck
Guitars: Tommy Tallarico, Michael "Bijan" Johnson
Accordion: Thomas V. Tallarico

Recorded at Tommy Tallarico Studios - Orange County, CA

Mixing Engineers: Tommy Tallarico & Buzz Burrowes
Mixed at The Record Plant - Hollywood, CA
Mastered at A&M Studios - Hollywood, CA
Mastering Engineer: Dave Collins & Patricia Sullivan
Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio - Mannheim

Soundtrack Executive Producer: Tommy Tallarico
Soundtrack Art Design: Dane Baudoin & Tommy Tallarico
Album Cover Design: Dane Baudoin & Tommy Tallarico
Illustrations by Katherine Garner & Doug TenNapel

  Earthworm Jim - Invertebrate Retreat (Subterranean Remix)
Written By Tommy Tallarico
Arranged and sequenced by Daniel Baranowsky
Vocals performed by Daniel Baranowski
Guitar performed by Vig
Rap Vocals performed by Waleed Hawatky

  Wormaphobic Disorder (Tangerine Remix)
Remix by Protricity

  Glow Worm Jim (Subterranean Radio Edit Remix)
Remix by Mazedude

  What the Heck (The OneUps Remix)
Written by Tommy Tallarico
Arranged by Mustin
Violin: Greg Kennedy
Tenor Sax: Anthony Lofton
Nylon String Guitar: William Reyes
Marimba: Mustin
Bass: Matthew "Moose" Bridges
Drums: Jared Dunn

  Early Bird (Junkit Remix)
Remix by Rayagon

  Lorenzen's Dirt (Subterranean Remix)
Remix by Theodor "Undersky" Berg

  Keyz to New Junk City (Junkit Remix)
Remix by Mazedude

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