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Megaman 5, Dashed!

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 2004
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsDash Studio


Composer / Mari
Arranger / Joshua Morse


Disc 1

01 Prologue & Title 1:00
02 Stage Select 0:46
03 Password 0:48
04 Stone Man 1:11
05 Gravity Man 1:36
06 Star Man 1:12
07 Wave Man 1:27
08 Napalm Man 1:09
09 Gyro Man 1:24
10 Charge Man 1:18
11 Crystal Man 1:16
12 Boss Battle 1:06
13 Dark Man 1:13
14 Wily's Stage 1:53
15 Battle with Wily 0:53
16 Ending 1:44
Disc length 19:56



Website (inactive):,%20Dashed%21

Liner notes: I finished this one pretty fast. The entire CD, all 16 tracks, took me 5 days. A lot of it had to with the length of the tracks. This album is a remake album. I basically took each track from the game (there are some very small tracks that I left out) and I put my own flavor into them. For the tracks on this CD, each goes through it's first loop then fades out at the start of it's second loop. Each track averages around or a little over 1 minute. For you Megaman fans, or just fans of my music, I sincerely hope you enjoy this. Don't forget to check out my cover art and PLEASE LET ME KNOW what you're thinking! - Joshua Morse

Track comments from Joshua Morse:

1) Prologue & Title: I believe the composer of this game put forth a straight forward feeling with the original version of this track. I did my best to re-interpret what I thought he was trying to display.
2) Stage Select: Gotta love stage select music!
3) Password: The original was short, I basically just added some new parts and went with it.
4) Stone Man: I put some R&B into this mix, I'm proud of the end result.
5) Gravity Man: One of my favorites! Jazzy and tasty!
6) Star Man: The original had an eerie space vibe going on, then transitioned into a happy bounce. I tried to keep that same feeling, except for bringing to another level.
7) Wave Man: oijoij.
8) Napalm Man: Some tricky rhythms here and there. But another one of my faves either way.
9) Gyro Man: Before doing this, I invisioned this track as a peaceful, pretty, flowing piece with a piano. I think I did my invision justice.
10) Charge Man: Face-paced-mother-fucking-train-ride.
11) Crystal Man: Easily one of my favorites. I used some R&B elements along with distorted guitars.
12) Boss Battle: Guitars. Rock hard battle thing.
13) Dark Man: Near the end of the original there were these runs. I really enjoyed the heck out of them. So I brought them out more in my version.
14) Wily's Castle: I am proud of my take on this track. I really feel that I captured the 'Final Toccata' vibe for this. Another one of my favs!
15) Battle with Wily: Turned out alright. Guitar Duet.
16) Ending: It ends. I tried to make it dramatic. Hopefully you'll like it.

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Platforms represented
NES (Famicom)

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