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Tooth and Tail

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Sep 05, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 7.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherAustin Wintory / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Disc 1

01 The Food of Beasts 1:33
02 Hopper, Flagbearer for the Commonfolk 2:21
03 Bellafide, Firebrand of the Longcoats 2:12
04 The Quartermaster of the KSR 2:28
05 Archimedes, Left Hand of the Civilized 1:15
06 The Old South Distillery 1:22
07 Hollow in the Gut 3:21
08 Who becomes the meat? 3:24
09 The Hungry face a stiff wind 5:51
10 Bellafide's Tarantella 2:15
11 Fuel of the Firebrand 3:37
12 Snikaree Liberation 4:20
13 Waltz of the KSR 3:11
14 Black Sledge Uprising 2:06
15 Bonepit Exile 1:49
16 The Siege of Ragfall Road 5:25
17 Archimedes' Tango 2:42
18 The War for Meat 2:08
19 The Ivories of Beasts 3:44
20 Swine, Inscribed 1:27
21 To the Ends 5:05
22 Anthem of the Commonfolk 2:31
23 Victors will Feast 1:19
Disc length 65:26



Music by Austin Wintory

Sandy Cameron: violin
Tom Strahle: various guitars
Kristin Naigus: penny whistle

Orchestral performances by Macedonia Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Oleg Kontradenko
Recording engineer: Giorgi Hristovski
Contracted by FAMES / Laurent Koppitz
Recorded at M1 Studio, Skopje, Macedonia

Produced and Mixed by Austin Wintory
Orchestrations by Susie Seiter and Austin Wintory
MIDI transcription: M.R. Miller
Copyist: Steven Juliani Music
Mastered by Steve Kempster

Album cover and art direction by Jerome Jacinto

"Who becomes the meat"
Music arranged and performed by Hyperduck Soundworks
Produced by Austin Wintory and Hyperduck Soundworks
Also featuring John Robertz Matz: trumpet

"Bellafide's Tarantella"
Arranged and performed by Kristin Naigus
Produced by Austin Wintory and Kristin Naigus

"Waltz of the KSR"
Music arranged and performed John Robert Matz
Produced by Austin Wintory and John Robert Matz
Also featuring Daniel Romberger: trombone
Troy Strand: bass trombone
Alex Hill: tuba

"Archimedes' Tango"
Music arranged and performed by Eli Bishop
Produced by Austin Wintory and Eli Bishop
Also featuring Jake Stargel: guitar

"The Ivories of Beasts"
Arranged and performed by Salome Scheidegger
Produced by Austin Wintory and Salome Scheidegger

"Anthem of the Commonfolk"
Music written and performed by Darren Korb
Produced by Austin Wintory and Darren Korb

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