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Cacomistle vs. Wizards and Warriors

Catalog Number CVSW-01
Release Date Mar 07, 2007
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Original Work


Disc 1

01 Not Who You Thought (A) 1:24
02 Not Who You Thought (B) 2:20
03 Logicbot 2:10
04 Czechpoint 3:30
05 Elkhorn, NE Fails at Life 2:05
06 Final Preparations 2:23
07 Maybe Next Life... 2:10
08 Whatever (originally by Shonen Knife) 3:05
09 Silver Fox 1:37
10 Traveling Through Time 1:29
11 Sparks (including Sparks Rush) 2:17
12 Operation: CrossFire 1:26
13 Random Battle (FF6) 1:53
14 Back To Earth 1:51
15 The Last Stand 1:30
16 Dance With Me (Sounds Cover) 3:32
Disc length 34:42



A small amount of cds were printed and given to friends, it is now available free for download
At Magfest, Wizwars suggested the idea of us making a split album.  it was a great idea.  We each made 8 tracks, the final being a cover song. I chose my favorite Shonen Knife song.  the Elkhorn, NE song was written when they closed their skatepark.  Final Preparations was written before i entered the final fight in Twilight Princess.  Logicbot is about a super-logical robot that always makes the best choices in life.  word on the  
street is there may be a rematch...  -cacomistle

Album Stats

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Game, Demo Scene
Platforms represented
SNES (Super Famicom)


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