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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 27, 2016
Publish Format Commercial, Promo/Gift/Reward
Release Price Not for Sale
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Live Event
Published by OJV
Composed by Masato Nakamura / , Koji Kondo / , Yasunori Mitsuda / , David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, Nobuo Uematsu / , Jun Ishikawa / , Akito Nakatsuka / , Kenta Nagata / , Hajime Wakai / , Toru Minegishi / , Ogeretsu Kun /
Arranged by Jonathan Dagenais, Charles Maheu, Alexandre Choinière, Jérémie Desrosiers, Jérémi Pinsonneault, Rozen
Performed by L'Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo (Angie Apostolakis, Élise Harnois, Émilie La Boissière, Johanna Silberman, Myriam Simard, Milène Courchesne, Lydia Hwang, Joanie Duchesne, Samie Dunand-Vincent, Irina Kirchberg, Charles Maheu, Antoine Mailhot, Erika Mercier, Carl Plante, Alain Roberge, Maxime Sénécal, Antoine Ste-Marie, Jérémi Pinsonneault, Sandrine Bédard, Bobbie Jane Desforges, Sébastien Hébert-Plante, Maryline Lavoie, Florent Perugini, Alexis Roy, Samuel Hébert, Mathieu Tanguay, Mireille Tardif, Mélissa Carbonneau, Ariane Alexandra Côté, Fanny Ladouceur, Fanny Ladouceur, Guillaume Lapointe, Ludovic Lavallade, Louise Francoeur, Sarah Carbonneau, Alexandre Choinière, Melissa Desjardins, Sébastien Wall-Lacelle, Vincent Brossard, Antoine Pruneaux, Karim Benmbarek, Zachary Lavigne, Jérémie Desrosiers, Yvette Gahimbare, Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron, Noël Perras, Guillaume Roux, Francois-Xavier Bilodeau), Francois Gagné, Marie-Pierre Sirois, Carl-Hugo Denis, Julien Bodart, Véronique Guay


Disc 1

01 Dr. Robotnik 4:23
02 Bowser 8:41
03 Lavos and Magus 5:20
04 King K. Rool 7:12
05 J-E-N-O-V-A & Sephiroth 7:41
06 Zero Two 6:27
07 Ganon 10:29
08 Dr. Wily 5:10
09 Dancing Mad 11:15
10 Mt. Dedede 2:07
Disc length 68:45


CD was at first available for pre-ordering a concert ticket for OJV (until JAN 24, 2016) and was given at Concert RPG (FEB 27, 2016).
Was later sold at different conventions for 10$.

Concert recorded at La Salle Marguerite-Bourgeoys - Collège Regina Assumpta, Montréal (OCT 31, 2015).

Musical Director and Orchestrator: Jonathan Dagenais
"Dr. Robotnik" arranged by Charles Maheu
"Bowser" arranged by Alexandre Choinière
"Lavos and Magus" arranged by Jérémie Desrosiers
"King K. Rool" arranged by Jérémi Pinsonneault
"J-E-N-O-V-A & Sephiroth" arranged by Jérémie Desrosiers
"Zero Two" arranged by Rozen
"Ganon" arranged by Charles Maheu
"Dr. Wily" arranged by Alexandre Choinière
"Dancing Mad" arranged by Jérémie Desrosiers & Jérémi Pinsonneault
"Mt. Dedede" arranged by Alexandre Choinière

Angie Apostolakis
Élise Harnois
Émilie La Boissière
Johanna Silberman (piccolo)
Myriam Simard

Milène Courchesne
Lydia Hwang

Joanie Duchesne
Samie Dunand-Vincent (e-flat)
Francois Gagné (bass/b-flat)
Irina Kirchberg
Charles Maheu
Antoine Mailhot
Erika Mercier
Carl Plante (bass)
Alain Roberge
Maxime Sénécal
Marie-Pierre Sirois
Antoine Ste-Marie

Jérémi Pinsonneault

Sandrine Bédard (baritone)
Bobbie Jane Desforges (alto)
Sébastien Hébert-Plante (tenor)
Maryline Lavoie (soprano)
Florent Perugini (tenor)
Alexis Roy (alto)

Carl-Hugo Denis
Samuel Hébert
Mathieu Tanguay
Mireille Tardif

Mélissa Carbonneau
Ariane Alexandra Côté
Fanny Ladouceur
Guillaume Lapointe
Ludovic Lavallade

Louise Francoeur

Sarah Carbonneau
Alexandre Choinière (bass)
Melissa Desjardins
Sébastien Wall-Lacelle

Vincent Brossard
Antoine Pruneaux

Karim Benmbarek
Zachary Lavigne

Julien Bodart
Jérémie Desrosiers
Yvette Gahimbare
Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron
Noël Perras
Guillaume Roux

Francois-Xavier Bilodeau

[english horn]
Véronique Guay

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