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Danse Macabre 6

Sindravania Projects & Viking Guitar Productions Present: Danse Macabre VI
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 13, 2017
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherViking Guitar / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /



Disc 1

01 Goes to Eleven (Stranger Things) 1:41
02 Black Magic (Suspiria) 4:08
03 Jungle Boogie (Spelunky) 1:01
04 Grim Surfin’ Ghouls (The Haunted Mansion) 4:25
05 Killer Klowns from Outer Space (The Dickies) 4:38
06 Misery Loves Company (Super Mario RPG) 2:31
07 Lamento del Mediterraneo (Super Metroid) 3:10
08 Etude for the Killer (Akumajo Dracula x68000) 4:18
09 A Girl with a Yellow Dress (Pokémon Black 2 & White 2) 6:01
10 Misterios sin Resolver (Unsolved Mysteries) 3:58
11 The Forest is Wondrous, but Forbidden (Forbidden Forest) 3:22
12 Laura Palmer’s Theme (Twin Peaks) 5:19
13 Belly of the Beats (Splatterhouse 2) 5:01
14 Into the Spider's Den (Legend of Zelda: BotW) 4:07
15 Ночь на лысой горе (Night on Bald Mountain) 11:11
Disc length 64:51



"What a terrible night for a curse!

WILLKOMMEN DER VERBOTENEN! Oh you ghasts and ghouls and those who creep and crawl amongst the living and dead. It is time once again for the cool October breeze to bring along the whispers and sounds of the Halloween season.

DANSE MACABRE 6 is the sixth iteration of the horror music compilation, and this year brings you a frightful delight with 15 tracks of spooktastic tunes from movies, television and games! And the best part is, IT’S FREE TO DOWNLOAD! However, if you’d live to chip in a few pennies, all donations will be directly going to the ASPCA charity, as this album is complete non-profit. We do it strictly out of a love of all things horror.

We also always encourage support of the original composers and musicians, with whom these albums would not be possible and we wouldn’t be able to bring you these creepy concertos!"

Album directed by Brenna Wilkes & Sindravania Projects

Mastering by Erik Peabody & Viking Guitar Productions

Artwork by Nate Horsfall


Ailsean - Stringer Things and Synther Things
Original music by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein

Erik "Viking Guitar" Peabody - arranging, tracking, mixing
Original music by Goblin

Arranged by Tim Yarbrough
Original music by Eirik Suhrke

The Surfle Jerks
- Frankie Van Hooser - Guitar, Bass, Ghost Host
- Diego Marquez - Drums
- Francesca Ardizzone - Little Leota
Mixed By: Erik Peabody
Original music by Walt Disney Music Company

Ryan Postlethwait - Guitars, Vocals, Programming, Clown Laughter
Original music by The Dickies

Jon Poulin - Guitars
Ian Luckey - Bass, Accordion, Mixing
Kristin Naigus - Theremin
Matheus Manente - Percussion
Original music by Yoko Shimomura

Mauricio Plasma - Everything
Original music by Kenji Yamamoto & Minako Hamano

Andreas Kotsamanidis - all arranging, performing, mixing
Original music by Konami Kukeiha Club

Patricio Thielemann "Pokérus" - (Arrangement, programming, mixing, bass and rythm guitars performing)
Jon Poulin (Guitar Solo)
Mari (Dialogues)
Original music by Go Ichinose, Hitomi Sato, Teruo Taniguchi

William Carlos Reyes - Guitars, bass, aux percussion
Original music by Gary Malkin

- John Weible - Keys/Synths
- James Moats - Drums/Mix
- Dan Taylor - Bass
- Grant Henry - Guitar
Original music by Paul Norman & Cosmi

ft Claire Henry on vocals
Original music by Angelo Badalamenti

Steel Samurai
- Katamari - Guitar and Mixing
- Darmock - Bass
- Jason Farrell - Drums
- Ben Alexandre - Keys
- Adam Nash - Guitar
Original music by Katsuro Tajima, Yoshinori Kawamoto & Eiko Kaneda

Christophe "CHM" Blondel - Arrangement, programming, mixing, guitars
Max "Wild_Cat" Noël - Bass (most reactive session bassist evar)
Original Music by Manaka Kataoka & Yasuaki Iwata

George "norg" Nowik - Guitars, Bass, Piano, Sequenced Drums, Acid Reflux, Ouiji Board, Blisters
Original music by Modest Mussorgsky

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