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Trinity Note COLLECTION 2014-2017

Catalog Number TNKC-B002
Release Date Aug 11, 2017 C92
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 3000 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Original Work
PublisherTrinity Note / /


Disc 1

01 Eternity Wing
02 双翼の誓い
03 疾走性イノセンス
04 アークライトの残光
05 水葬 (instrumental)
06 水葬のアルタイル
07 ずいずいのうた
08 Blaze of wing
09 ふたりのセグメント
10 Rainy smile
11 白夜行路
12 華翔ル道
13 Call Out
14 鈴音天声
Disc 2

01 紅ノ花
02 残響
03 attract S
04 Last chain
05 To the Lost EP
06 Never Blue
07 雷にまかせなさいっ!
08 夜戦スレイヤーがゆく
09 デッドエンドの傍観者
10 閃界面
11 カラフルデイズ
12 雨、鎮守府にて
13 鎮守府執務室ヒトゴーマルマル
14 interlude -水底-
15 暁ノ彗兵船
16 あさきゆめみし

  Total tracks 30


C92 release

Event Price: 3000 JPY
Shop Price: 4320 JPY

Disc1 Tr.1 - Image Song for Zuikaku, Shoukaku
Disc1 Tr.2,4,7 - Image Song for Zuikaku
Disc1 Tr.3 - Image Song for Hiei
Disc1 Tr.6 - Image Song for Kuubo Suiki
Disc1 Tr.8,9 - Image Song for Shoukaku
Disc1 Tr.10 - Image Song for Mutsu
Disc1 Tr.11 - Image Song for Kaga
Disc1 Tr.12 - Image Song for Shouyouroku (Shoukaku)
Disc1 Tr.13,14 - Image Song for Suzuya
Disc2 Tr.1 - Image Song for Yamato
Disc2 Tr.2 - Image Song for Hibiki
Disc2 Tr.3 - Image Song for Akagi
Disc2 Tr.4 - Image Song for Haruna
Disc2 Tr.6 - Image Song for Kaga, Akagi, Operation MI
Disc2 Tr.7 - Image Song for Ikazuchi
Disc2 Tr.8 - Image Song for Sendai
Disc2 Tr.9 - Image Song for Yukikaze
Disc2 Tr.10 - Inaeg Song for Hiryu
Disc2 Tr.12 - from KanColle BGM 'Bokou'
Disc2 Tr.13 - from KanColle BGM 'Koushou', 'Jihatsu Souten, Saitotsunyuu!'
Disc2 Tr.14 - from KanColle BGM 'Hourai Gekisen, Hajime!'
Disc2 Tr.15 - from KanColle BGM 'Kessen! Ironbottom Sound wo Nukete!'

■ Lyrics & Music:
  Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Disc1 Tr.1~13, Disc2 Tr.1~9,11~12,14
  Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Disc1 Tr.14, Disc2 Tr.10
  Arrangement: Disc2 Tr.15
Koh Mitaki
  Arrangement: Disc2 Tr.13
  Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Disc2 Tr.3,16
Leo Gomikuzu
  Arrangement: Disc2 Tr.9
Hiroshi Usami
  Composition: Disc2 Tr.12~14
Kaori Ohkoshi
  Composition: Disc2 Tr.15

■ Vocals:
YuNa: Disc1 Tr.1,2,4,6,8,10~13, Disc2 Tr.1,5,6,8,9,16
Meiko Nakamura: Disc1 Tr.1,3,9, Disc2 Tr.3,4
Nanahira: Disc1 Tr.7, Disc2 Tr.7,11
八坂なぎ: Disc1 Tr.14
Miyu Hinata: Disc2 Tr.2
Saeka: Disc2 Tr.10  
■ Guitar:
Jun Okubo: Disc1 Tr.1,2,8, Disc2 Tr.2,6,8
Toshinori Orikura: Disc1 3,4,6,7,9~13, Disc2 1,4,5,7,9
Wazama: Disc2 Tr.10
Nenryodenti: Disc2 Tr.11

■ Bass:
doggy go: Disc1 Tr.2~4,8,9,11,13, Disc2 1~4,6,8,9

Illust: Suien [翠燕], ジュウゴ, Yuu Kurono [黒野ユウ]
Jacket Design: Yukinobu Ito / Nago
Booklet & Label Design: spikin
Mastering: spikin

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