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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda Vinyl Soundtrack
Catalog Number 0 6700 31137 1 7
Release Date Nov 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 80.00 USD
Media Format 3 Vinyl
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by BioWare (distributed by Nettwerk Music Group)
Composed by John Paesano, Steven Mahoney, Michelle Derewonko, Keith Walton, Kurtis Schultz, Jason Osborne, Francesco Maio, Jen Maio, John Glassey, Ron Dazo, Kimberly Sykes, Neil Thompson, Real Cardinal
Arranged by David Shipps, Braden Kimball, Anthony Loomis
Performed by Nashville Scoring Orchestra (Alan Umstead), Deep Six, Better Living DJ's, Køba, Nada Deva, Senseless Live, Dr. Perceptron, Comaduster


Disc 1

01 A Better Beginning
02 Memories
03 Exaltationi
04 Khi Tasira
05 Neutron Purge
06 A Trail of Hope
07 Voeld
08 Hunting the Archon
09 No More Mercy
10 Vault
11 Undiscovered
12 Resistance
Disc length
Disc 2

01 Outlaw
02 Exiled
03 Remnant
04 Jaardan
05 First Contact Protocol
06 Heleus
07 Drive
09 Prøtøn Bells
10 Nexus
11 Triangulum
Disc length
Disc 3

01 Proxaema
02 Hyperion
03 Shell
04 Rumors
05 Subharmonica
06 Space Outlaws
07 Exalt
08 Uncertainty Entwined
09 Proximity
Disc length


3LP on white, blue, and orange vinyl.

Artwork by Hydro74.

Side A: Tracks 1-6, Disc 1
Side B: Tracks 7-12, Disc 1
Side C: Tracks 1-6, Disc 2
Side D: Tracks 7-11, Disc 2
Side E: Tracks 1-4, Disc 3
Side F: Tracks 5-9, Disc 3


Score by John Paesano
Director of Audio and Music: Jeremie Voillot
Additional Arrangements: Braden Kimball, Anthony Loomis
Technical Score Supervisor: Hayley Rosenthal
Score Producer: Jonathan Mayer
Music Production Supervisor: Scott Hanau
Music Implementation and Editing: Andrew Buresh, Ernest Johnson
Score Mixers: Anthony Caruso, Marc Senasac
Music Editing: Rob Goodson, Sam Marshall
Assistant Music Engineering: Rob Castro, Andrew King

Score Performed by the Nashville Scoring Orchestra
Orchestra Contractor / Concertmaster: Alan Umstead
Orchestration and Conducting: David Shipps
Score Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Nashville by Marc Senasac, Nick Spezia
Pro Tools Operator: Jasper LeMaster
Nashville Music Librarian: Sammy Sanfilippo
Additional Synthesis: Nate Brenholdt


Creative Director: Mac Walters
Art Director: Joel MacMillan
Music Director: Jeremie Voillot
Audio Director: Michael Kent

Worldwide Executive and President of Music, EA: Steve Schnur

Business Development: Rob Demontarnal, Amanda Klesko

"Drive" & "Proximity" Performed by Deep Six and Composed by Steven Mahoney & Michelle Derewonko
"KNTKT" & "Rumors" Performed by Better Living DJ's and Composed by Keith Walton & Kurtis Schultz
"Prøtøn Bells" & "Subharmonica" Performed by Køba and Composed by Jason Osborne
"Nexus" & "Space Outlaws " Performed by Nada Deva and Composed by Francesco Maio & Jen Maio
"Triangulum" & "Shell" Performed by Senseless Live and Composed by John Glassey, Ron Dazo & Kimberly Sykes
"Hyperion" & "Cryosleep" Performed by Dr. Perceptron and Composed by Neil Thompson
"Proxaema" & "Uncertainty Entwined" Performed by Comaduster and Composed by Real Cardinal
Vinyl Mastering by Adam Popowitz for Nettwerk Studios
All Songs Published by Electronic Arts Music (ASCAP) Administered by Kobalt Music Group

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