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Concert RPG

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jun 11, 2016
Publish Format Commercial, Promo/Gift/Reward
Release Price Not for Sale (Canada)
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Live Event


Disc 1

01 Kingdom Hearts - Hikari 3:49
02 Secret of Mana 6:39
03 Fable II Medley 4:39
04 Ni no Kuni - Kokoro no Kakera 4:48
05 Final Fantasy I-II-III - Original Medley 10:05
06 Chrono Cross - Time's Scar 2:52
07 Chrono Trigger - Dreamstone 7:11
08 Morrowind 6:28
09 World of Warcraft 6:41
10 Final Fantasy VII - Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony 4:15
11 Super Mario RPG 7:28
12 Pokémon 9:00
Disc length 73:55



CD was at first available for pre-ordering a concert ticket for OJV (until MAY 15, 2016) and was given at Concert N64 (JUN 11, 2016).
Was later sold at different conventions for 10$.

Concert recorded at La Salle Marguerite-Bourgeoys - Collège Regina Assumpta, Montréal (FEV 27, 2016).
Recorded and mixed by Philippe Bouvrette

Musical Director and Orchestrator: Jonathan Dagenais
"Kingdom Hearts - Hikari" arranged by Jérémie Desrosiers
"Secret of Mana" arranged by Justin Roy
"Fable II Medley" arranged by Jared Cowing
"Ni no Kuni - Kokoro no Kakera" arranged by Jérémie Desrosiers
"Final Fantasy I-II-III - Original Medley" arranged by Frédéric Chiasson
"Chrono Cross - Time's Scar" arranged by Jérémie Desrosiers
"Chrono Trigger - Dreamstone" arranged by Zack Parrish
"Morrowind" arranged by @FxMusique
"World of Warcraft" arranged by Charles Maheu
"Final Fantasy VII - Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" arranged by Jonathan Dagenais
"Super Mario RPG" arranged by Alexandre Choinière

Louise Francoeur

Jessica Arbour-Riopel

Meiling Fong

Louise Francoeur

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