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The Great Final Fantasy Medley II

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 19, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsRonny Zimmermann


Disc 1

01 Continue (From "Final Fantasy VII") / Bland Logo (From "Final Fantasy Tactics") / Anything Goes for LeBlanc (From "Final Fantasy X-2") / The Man with the Machine Gun (From "Final Fantasy VIII") 4:15
02 Seymour Battle (From "Final Fantasy X") / Battle (From "Final Fantasy X") / The Dark Crystals (From "Final Fantasy III") 4:37
03 Save Them (From "Final Fantasy VI") / Awakening (From "Final Fantasy VI") / Searching for Friends (From "Final Fantasy VI") / The Airship (From "Final Fantasy II") / World (From "Final Fantasy I") 4:27
04 The Airship Hildagaldy (From "Final Fantasy IX") / Zidane's Theme (From "Final Fantasy IX") 4:13
05 Costa del Sol (From "Final Fantasy VII") / Besaid (From "Final Fantasy X-2") / Besaid (From "Final Fantasy X") 4:47
06 Great Warrior (From "Final Fantasy VII") / Fabul (From "Final Fantasy IV") / Golbez (From "Final Fantasy IV") / Dancing Mad (From "Final Fantasy VI") 4:23
07 The Castle (From "Final Fantasy VIII") / Ancient Library (From "Final Fantasy V") / Jinn the Fire (From "Final Fantasy III") / Ruins of Madain Sari (From "Final Fantasy IX") 4:03
08 Lindblum (From "Final Fantasy IX") / Honeybee Manor (From "Final Fantasy VII") / One Danger Passed (From "Final Fantasy IX") / Slew of Love Letters (From "Final Fantasy IX") 3:32
09 Desert Wasteland (From "Final Fantasy VII") / Fate in Haze (From "Final Fantasy V") 4:21
10 Shadow (From "Final Fantasy VI") / Compression of Time (From "Final Fantasy VIII") / Anxious Hearts (From "Final Fantasy VII") 4:26
11 Water (From "Final Fantasy VII AC") / Stilshrine of Miriam (From "Final Fantasy XII") 3:16
12 Seeking Power (From "Final Fantasy XII") / Griffons Never Die (From "Final Fantasy XI") / Ronfaure (From "Final Fantasy XI") 4:51
13 Battle 2 (From "Final Fantasy IX") / Enemy Attack (From "Final Fantasy X") / Breaking Through South Gate (From "Final Fantasy IX") 3:39
14 Main Theme (2nd Half) [From "Final Fantasy VII"] / Staff Roll (From "Final Fantasy VII") 4:42
15 Qu's Marsh (From "Final Fantasy IX") / The Crimson Squad (From "Final Fantasy X-2") / People of the North Pole (From "Final Fantasy X") / Footsteps of Desire (From "Final Fantasy IX") 4:05
16 Those Chosen by the Planet (From "Final Fantasy VII") / Place of Memory (From "Final Fantasy IX") / Unrequited Love (From "Final Fantasy IX") 4:43
17 Daughter of the High Summoner (From "Final Fantasy X") / Mog House (From "Final Fantasy XI") / Dear Friends (From "Final Fantasy V") 4:21
18 Amarant's Theme (From "Final Fantasy IX") / Omen (From "Final Fantasy X") / Eternity Band Version (From "Final Fantasy X-2") / Attack (From "Final Fantasy X") 4:23
19 Hurry Faster (From "Final Fantasy VII") / Fight 2 (From "Final Fantasy IV") / Birth of a God (From "Final Fantasy VII") / Force Your Way (From "Final Fantasy VIII") 4:57
20 Cloud Smiles (From "Final Fantasy VII AC") 3:55
21 Suteki Da Ne (From "Final Fantasy X") [feat. Elerin] 6:36
22 Ending (From "Final Fantasy X-2") 1:06
23 To Zanarkand (From "Final Fantasy X") [feat. Daria Danilkina] 4:27
24 Someday the Dream Will End (From "Final Fantasy X") / Sorrow (From "Final Fantasy XII") / Wandering Flame (From "Final Fantasy X") [Bonus Track] 4:58
Disc length 103:03



Arrangements and performance by Ronny Zimmermann
Vocals: Elerin (21) / Daria Danilkina (23)

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