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Quiet Places

Catalog Number LYNCD018
Release Date Mar 02, 2008
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
PublisherLynne Publishing / /


Composer / Bjørn Lynne


Disc 1

01 Ambient Singularity #1 5:10
02 Deep Secrets Theme 1:38
03 Kaleidoscope 3:52
04 Fairy Winds 1:57
05 Deep Secrets Mystery 0:34
06 Solnatt 3:25
07 Deep Secrets The Shadow 1:12
08 Reunion 2:44
09 Deep Secrets New Beginnings 2:29
10 Waiting 4:36
11 Deep Secrets Bittersweet 1:29
12 Dream Bell 3:20
13 Deep Secrets Love Letters 0:32
14 Azure 3:24
15 Deep Secrets Love Promise 4:36
16 Sea 4:49
Disc length 45:47



Quiet Places
Year: 2008
Style: Ambient

I hope you'll enjoy this collection of ambient tracks which I have composed and produced here in my home town of Stavern, Norway. There is something melancholic, comforting about this place, especially in the sleepy winter season, and I have tried to bring that into this music.

The tracks on this album were composed over quite a long period of time, from 2005 until late 2007. I decided from the beginning to work on this project only when I really felt like it. I didn't want to approach it as a "job", something to be finished within a time frame. Instead, I only worked on it when I was in the mood for it and it felt natural and right. That made it a slow, but enjoyable process. Thanks for listening!

Throughout the CD cover, there are a number of photos, all taken within 1 km of my home, where I composed and recorded this music.

Bjørn Lynne, January 2008

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