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Stroggos Rising

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 25, 2017
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
Published by WASD
Composed by Sonic Mayhem
Arranged by
Performed by Katamari, pingosimon, KarlGerm, Chris Baines, Trohnics, Cursed Lemon, VGDrum, Chris Lee, finbeard, Thomas Colegrove, Travis Morgan, Yusef Kelliebrew, sagnewshreds, norg, Jesper Holm Olsen, GearX2, Parvenu, Sixto Sounds, Julian Spillane, Darmock Tanagra, Pokérus, Wild_Cat, Alex Larson, Jason Farrell, Ranger, Scott Green, Corey Garst


Disc 1

01 Operation Overlord 3:31
02 Rage 2:21
03 Kill Ratio 2:37
04 March of the Stroggs 2:53
05 The Underworld 2:37
06 Quad Machine 3:38
07 Big Gun 3:04
08 Descent Into Cerberon 2:37
09 Climb 2:05
10 ETF 2:58
11 Gravity Well 2:38
12 Counter Attack 3:16
13 One Bloodbath 2:59
14 Stealth Frag 2:56
15 Complex 13 3:02
16 Adrenaline Junkie 2:52
17 Pressure Point I 3:08
18 Pressure Point II 2:34
Disc length 51:46


"Stroggos Rising is a 20th anniversary fan tribute to the soundtrack of Quake II. This album is a free download, but any support given through Bandcamp will be donated to Little Kids Rock, a music education charity focused on restoring, expanding, and innovating music education in public schools.

This album is the result of a lot of hard work from all of the 30+ people involved in this project, and I want to thank each and every one of them for their contribution." -Austin


Tracks 1-9 from Quake II
Tracks 10-18 from Quake II: Ground Zero

The Stroggos Rising Team:
Austin "Katamari" Green - Project Director, Mixing, Mastering, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drums
Andre "pingosimon" Beller - Guitar + Bass on "Gravity Well"
Karl "KarlGerm" Germanovich - Bass on "ETF", "Stealth Frag"
Chris Baines - Guitar on "Climb"
Eric "Trohnics" Smith - Guitar on "Stealth Frag"
Cursed Lemon - Guitar on "Kill Ratio"
Patrick "VGDrum" Kulikowski - Drums on "Stealth Frag"
Chris Lee - Drums on "ETF"
Chuck "finbeard" Simpson - Drums on "Kill Ratio"
Thomas Colegrove - Drums on "The Underworld", "Big Gun", "Gravity Well", "One Bloodbath"
Travis Morgan - Guitar, Bass on "Descent into Cerberon", "Kill Ratio"
Yusef Kelliebrew - Drums on "Climb"
Sam "sagnewshreds" Agnew - Guitar on "ETF"
George "norg" Nowik - Bass on "Big Gun"
Jesper Holm Olsen / PRESS PLAY ON TAPE - Guitar + Bass on "Rage", "Counter Attack"
Александр "GearX2" Шишканов - Guitar on "ETF"
Ben "Parvenu" Alexander - Synth on "Stealth Frag"
Juan "Sixto Sounds" Medrano - Guitar on "Quad Machine"
Julian Spillane - Synth on "Complex 13"
Darmock Tanagra - Bass on "Pressure Point I"
Patricio "Pokérus" Thielemann - Guitar on "Big Gun"
Max "Wild_Cat" Noel - Bass on "Quad Machine"
Alex Larson - Guitar on "Adrenaline Junkie"
Jason Farrell - Drums on "Quad Machine", "Complex 13"
Ranger - Bass on "Operation Overlord"
Scott Green - Drums on "Counter Attack", "Pressure Point II"
Corey Garst - Guitar on "Pressure Point II"
Chris "Cubosh" Dlugosz - Album Typography
Quaz - Album Artwork

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