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A Hat in Time B-Side Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 08, 2018
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 4.99 USD (Package Price)
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Remix, Prototype/Unused
Published by Gears for Breakfast (distributed by Valve / / )
Composed by Pascal Michael Stiefel
Arranged by VGR, Gario, Chimpazilla, Theory Of N, Pascal Michael Stiefel, LongBoxofChocolate, Julia Henderson, Jasper, Carlos Eiene, Laura Platt, Echorobot


Disc 1

01 Main Theme (Remix) VGR
02 Through Time and Space (Main Theme Remix) Gario
03 Scootin' Through My Subconscious Mind (Scootin' Through Subcon Forest Remix) Chimpazilla
04 I Am Bird (You Are Now Legally a Bird Remix) Theory Of N
05 Picture Perfect B-Side (Remix) Pascal Michael Stiefel
06 Scootin' Thru Mafia Town (Remix) LongBoxofChocolate
07 The Lava Cake Peak (Remix) Julia Henderson
08 Freight Car Frenzy (Train Rush Remix) Jasper
09 Sand 'n Sails Heatgusts (Remix) Carlos Eiene
10 You Are All Bad Guys (Remix) Laura Platt
11 Subcon Village B-Side (Remix) Echorobot
12 Mafia Town 8 Bit (Remix) Pascal Michael Stiefel
13 Sand 'n Sails Village
14 Sand 'n Sails Heatgusts
15 Sand 'n Sails Cave Rave
16 Alpine Skyline's Lazy Paw Gang
17 Alpha Trailer Theme
18 Alpha Trailer Theme Ragtime Remix
19 Beta File Select
20 Beta Credits Teme
21 Alpha Bookstore Theme by MP2
22 Fox Mask Theme
23 Fox Mask Theme (Oompah Oompah Remix)
24 Wowl Band Practice Tune
25 Early Mafia Town Sketch (Making Of Insight)
26 New Dog Adventure
27 Welcome To Mafia Town Full Length
28 Welcome To Mafia Town Beach Full Length
29 Welcome To Mafia Town Underwater Variation
30 Mafia Town Is Asleep Underwater Variation
31 Umbrella Mafia Chase
32 Cheating The Race
33 She Came From Outer Space Phase 1
34 She Came From Outer Space Phase 2
35 She Came From Outer Space Phase 3
36 She Came From Outer Space Phase 4
37 She Came From Outer Space Phase 5
38 The Big Parade Low Key Variation
39 Subcon Forest Off Path Variation
40 Subcon Forest On Path Variation
41 Subcon Forest Swamp Variation
42 Close To Toilet Of Doom
43 Alpine Skyline Hub Mountain Full Length
44 Alpine Skyline Bird House Variation
45 Alpine Skyline Lava Cake Path Variation
46 Alpine Skyline Twilight Bell Path Variation
47 Alpine Skyline Windmill Path Variation
48 The Birdhouse Peak Full Length
49 The Birdhouse Peak Bomb Enemy Variation
50 The Birdhouse Peak Indoor Variation
51 The Birdhouse Peak The Fat Bird Variation
52 The Lava Cake Lowkey Variation
53 The Twilight Bell Peak Lowkey Variation
54 The Twilight Bell Peak Part 1
55 The Twilight Bell Peak Part 2
56 Judge, Jury and Executioner Outside Variation
57 Final Boss Defeated
58 A New Friend in Mafia Town Variation
59 Time Rift Story Book
60 Cutscene Intro Cutscene Music Sleeping Scene Music
61 Cutscene Intro Cutscene Music Music Monitor Scene
62 Cutscene Intro Cutscene Music Music Scary Ambience
63 Cutscene Intro Cutscene Music Window Scene
64 Cutscene Mafia HQ Cutscene Music Timepiece Truth
65 Cutscene Mafia HQ Cutscene Music Turn Evil
66 Cutscene Mafia HQ Cutscene Music Leaving
67 Level Intro Mafia Town
68 Level Intro Battle Of The Birds
69 Level Intro Subcon Forest
70 Level Intro Alpine Skyline
71 Level Intro Sand n' Sails
72 Level Intro Timerifts
73 Loading Screen Mafia Town
74 Loading Screen Battle Of The Birds
75 Loading Screen Subcon Forest
76 Loading Screen Sand 'n Sails
77 Jingle Gears for Breakfast Logo
78 Jingle Mafia HQ Entrance
79 Jingle She's On Her Way
80 Jingle She's Coming Closer
81 Jingle She's Here
82 Jingle She Caught You
83 Jingle Drowning
84 Jingle Time Piece Get
85 Jingle Time Piece Ball Collected
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Available as DLC for owners of the base game on Steam.

"You asked for it, we're delivering - all new remixes, lost, beta & wip tracks, extended tracks and more! 80+ tracks!
Music from any future content will be added to this soundtrack (whenever possible)."