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Runner3 Retro Challenge Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 1827849646911
Release Date May 08, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 5.94 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack


Composer / Stemage


Disc 1

01 A Song of Acid Fire 3:34
02 Upper Chase 2:21
03 Pyramid Scheme 4:09
04 Tectonic Symphonic 3:08
05 Parked and Wrecked 2:48
06 Ruination 3:30
Disc length 19:30



"What we have here are the accompanying soundscapes for Runner3's Retro Challenge levels.
Much like the slightly curvier Commander Video in retro land, this music is occasionally doused in chromatic aberration and is fully capable of going left, up, down, and right. Also jump. Also please be careful, and do not sit still for too long. There are bats.
This music was a joy to construct, and I hope you enjoy the trip. <3"

Composed and Produced by Grant Henry
Album art by Jason Cirillo @ Choice Provisions

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