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The Doctor Is IN

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jan 19, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
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Media Format Digital
Classification Vocal, Original Work
Publisherhalc / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Disc 1 Original Work

01 Such a Lovely Feeling (feat. Sir J) 5:23
02 Volāre 3:46
03 Watch Me Now (feat. DiGi Valentine) 3:51
04 I Found Love (feat. Detective Tuesday & Jaymyria Etienne) 4:33
05 Rillo 2:38
06 Shishkebaba (feat. Sir J) 4:41
07 Gravity Ain't No Fun (feat. DiGi Valentine) 4:56
08 Mad Docta (feat. Jaymyria Etienne) 3:19
Disc length 33:07



"WARNING! This album is rated E for EXPLICIT. >:D

Welcome, welcome! If you've come for beats, you're at the right place. Please have a seat, and enjoy a sip of this fine Haitian rum as you peruse. Today I have a lovely selection of tracks featuring vocal performances by the Doctor myself, DiGi Valentine, Sir J, Detective Tuesday and Jaymyria Etienne. Perhaps a low-gravity groove would suit you? Or may I recommend the token love song? There is quite a variety, so please, take your time and feel free to try them all. ~"

Composed and produced by Drew Wheeler aka Dr. halc

Lyrics written and performed by:
Drew Wheeler aka Dr. halc (1-5, 7-8)
Jordan Etienne aka Sir J (1, 6)
Niyazi Sonmez aka DiGi Valentine (3, 7)
Anton Corazza aka Detective Tuesday (4)
Jaymyria Etienne (4, 8)

Additional production by Sir J (1, 2, 4, 6, 8)
Cover illustration by Sir J

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