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Horizon Chase Turbo Official Game Soundtrack - The Outtakes & Arpmixes.

Horizon Chase Turbo - The outtakes & Arpmixes
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 21, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused
PublisherBarry Leitch Audio Studios / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Barry Leitch, George Frideric Handel


Disc 1

01 Retro Race V0.1 - Incomplete India version 2:02
02 Cracktro - Original Slower more retro version 3:50
03 Zadok the Priest Unfinished Completion Music 0:53
04 Top Gear Xmas Music 0:57
05 Jentay Chinese New Year Mix 3:41
06 Brazilian Street Race - Incomplete Samba test 1:00
07 Going Off The Rails Arpmix 3:16
08 Retro Race Arpmix 3:34
09 The Finale Arpmix 3:15
10 Cracktro Guitars only mix 3:44
11 MC Balls To the Wall Arpmix 4:00
12 Sarabande On The Run Arpmix 3:15
13 Way Of The Exploding Back Left Tire Arpmix 3:29
14 Last Hurrah of a Video Game Composer Arpmix 3:12
15 Banzai Arpmix 4:22
16 Top Gear Covenant Arpmix 4:18
17 A Very Final Finale Arpmix 4:56
18 Completion Jingle 0:13
19 Failed Jingle V0.1 0:13
20 First place V0.1 0:11
21 First place V0.2 0:11
22 First Place V0.2b 0:11
23 First Place V0.3 0:11
24 First Place V0.3b 0:11
25 Fourth Place V0.1 0:09
26 Fourth Place V0.2 0:09
27 Second Place V0.1 0:10
28 Second Place V0.2 0:10
29 Third Place V0.1 0:10
30 Third Place V0.2 0:10
31 Third Place V0.3 0:10
32 Third Place V0.4 0:10
33 Tournament Complete Jingle 0:28
34 Senna DLC Happy Menu Theme (Rejected) . 3:56
Disc length 60:47



"Do not buy this if you are looking for the Horizon Chase Turbo soundtrack. It's also available on Bandcamp (The link is over on the right hand side of your screen somewhere - it's just not this one!). When I was working on the soundtrack, quite often I'd make little alternate mixes without the drums and bass and quite often the guitar, just so I could listen to all the other little bits going on in the background and check that there wasn't any mistakes in the arpeggio tracks. Hence the term "Arpmixes" was formed. Several people seemed to enjoy hearing them as it let them hear lighter versions of the tunes that they had become very familiar with thru playing the game, so I decided to combine them with some early versions of tunes that ended up quite different in the final game, and one that I didn't have space for in the OST, along with all the jingles. Have a listen to them, enjoy them, and if you get a kick out of them,, buy them ! After Bandcamp's fee's I'll have about enough for a coffee."

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