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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jun 21, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 6.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherAustin Wintory / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Austin Wintory
Arranger / Susie Seiter, Austin Wintory, M.R. Miller
Performer / Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Rachel Nesvig, Paul Cartwright, Tina Guo / , Kristin Naigus, Tom Strahle, Christine Hals
Recording Engineer / Giorgi Hristovski
Mixing Engineer / Austin Wintory
Mastering Engineer / Austin Wintory
Conductor / Oleg Kondratenko


Disc 1

01 Falling upward 1:39
02 A wayward star 1:56
03 Those first steps 2:42
04 Timidly, into a garden 5:36
05 Echoes of a river 4:50
06 Roots to the Stars 1:45
07 Dancing reflections 5:34
08 Crystals in the darkness 6:28
09 Heat, felt 4:25
10 The history below 6:55
11 The history above 7:14
12 Fracture 6:09
13 Of stone and sky 1:57
Disc length 57:10



Music composed and produced by Austin Wintory

Rachel Nesvig - Hardanger fiddle
Paul Cartwright - Hardanger fiddle
Tina Guo - Cello
Kristin Naigus - Recorders
Tom Strahle - Guitars
Christine Hals - Vocals

Orchestral recordings by the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra

Orchestrations - Susie Seiter and Austin Wintory
MIDI transcription - M.R. Miller
Copyist - Steven Juliani Music
Music editor - Kevin Globerman

Conductor: Oleg Kondratenko
Recording engineer: Giorgi Hristovski
Contracted by FAMES / Laurent Koppitz

Score mixed and mastered by Austin Wintory
Additional arrangements by M.R. Miller
Album cover by Yngvill Hopen

Special Thanks: Yngvill Hopen for inviting me into this wonderful playground, the two brave solo fiddle players Rachel and Paul, plus Tina, Kristin and Tom for their great performances as always, M.R. Miller for being truly indispensable, the brilliant Sarah Kovacs and Kraft-Engel team, my family and my inspiring muse Angela Bermúdez

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