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Xenogears - Shattered Memories

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jul 01, 2018
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherPixel Mixers / /



Disc 1 Arrangement

01 Lights from the Netherworld [Hashel, Psamathes, Mind Waker, Justin Thornburgh] 5:05
02 Stars of Tears [Mind Waker, Psamathes, Kiaran, GamerOfTheWinds] 3:58
03 Bonds of Sea and Fire [Ian Martyn, Darby Cupid, Jeff Potts] 5:43
04 My Village Is Number One [Matheus Manente, Carlos Oliveira, Paulo Viana] 3:44
05 The Valley Where the Wind is Born [Avaruussaha, Flake, TheToader] 3:18
06 Faraway Promise [ViolinGamer, Medllix, HollowRiku] 2:47
07 Steel Giant [Drakenheim, GamerOfTheWinds, Flake, Tremendouz] 2:42
08 Shattering Egg of Dreams [FingerStyleGaming, Ttegdap, GamerOfTheWinds] 2:57
09 Dazil, City of Burning Sands [OzoneOne, Mind Waker, Hashel] 2:52
10 Emotions [Sladjkf, Mind Waker, Alex Lopez] 3:40
11 Grafh, Emperor of Darkness [Mordra, Tremendouz, Zohar Emulator] 2:35
12 Fuse [Ben Durgin, Mind Waker, Gunderslam] 2:35
13 Leftovers of the Dream of the Strong [Kiaran, Mind Waker, Justin Thornburgh] 5:59
14 The Treasure which Cannot Be Stolen [Lucas Guimaraes, Ian Martyn, GamerOfTheWinds, ThePopStarDude, AnimeVivi] 2:42
15 Aveh, the Ancient Dance [Tremendouz, Bullicann, Kiaran, ThePopStarDude] 3:12
16 Invasion [Mind Waker, Justin Thornburgh, Gunderslam, Drakenheim] 3:20
17 Stage of Death [Justin Thornburgh, Mind Waker, Zohar Emulator, Donovan] 4:02
18 Singing of the Gentle Wind [SlashBib, Mind Waker, Zohar Emulator] 4:11
19 The Wounded Shall Advance Into the Light [Psamathes, The Goatee, Pegster McDudeson, Reuben Spiers] 2:27
20 Lost... Broken Shards [Kain White, Dacian Grada, Efryo] 2:01
21 Tamusu, Men of the Sea [Mairiba, Kain White, Psycosulu, ThePopStarDude] 2:28
22 The Blue Traveler [Zohar Emulator, Justin Thornburgh, GamerOfTheWinds] 3:46
Disc length 76:04
Disc 2

01 Ship of Regret & Sleep [KeyBard79, GamerOfTheWinds, Tremendouz, Hashel] 3:19
02 Knight of Fire [SJTR5, Metallegend64, SmashKAB] 4:45
03 June Mermaid [Rebecca Tripp, GamerOfTheWinds, Sauraen, Bassoonify] 3:52
04 Shevat, the Wind is Calling [Psycosulu, Dacian Grada, Soundole VGM, Kain White] 4:05
05 The Sky, the Clouds, and You [ModalModule, StyrofoamShotgun, TonalRumblePak, Lucas Guimaraes] 3:36
06 Gathering Stars in the Night Sky [Jorito, Cyril the Wolf, SJTR5] 3:02
07 Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People [AnimeVivi, Firah Fabe, Piano Game Knight] 3:49
08 Flight [Densle, Ian Martyn, GamerOfTheWinds] 4:04
09 Wings [Jorito, Subversiveasset, Fiddledo, ImAFutureGuitarHero] 4:56
10 The One Who is Torn Apart [Hashel, Danilo Ciaffi, Mind Waker, OzoneOne, Justin Thornburgh] 5:23
11 Omen [Danilo Ciaffi, Alek Fleischer, Bullicann] 3:17
12 Awakening [Gunderslam, Medllix, ViolinGamer] 5:34
13 The One Who Bears Fangs at God [Danilo Ciaffi, BillyTheBard11th, Justin Thornburgh] 5:13
14 Small Two of Pieces [Mark Autumn, Psamathes, xMEIYIN, ChequerChequer] 6:15
Disc length 61:10

  Total tracks 36   Total length 2:17:14


- Project Director: Hashel
- Artwork Main Design: Michael Walker
- Artwork: Mind Waker
- Album Mastering: Ro Panuganti

Disc 1: Alpha
Disc 2: Omega

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Sony PlayStation

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