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Darksiders III Official Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 27, 2018
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Not for Sale (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PublisherTHQ Nordic / /


Original Music / Cris Velasco
Conductor / Petr Pololanik
Orchestrated by / Petr Pololanik
Performed by / The Capellen Orchestra & Choir
Choirmaster / Dan Kalousek
Score Supervision / Jose Varon
Score Preparation / Alessandro Saini
Additional Orchestration / Alessandro Saini
Sound Engineer / David Pavlicek
Orchestra Recorded at / Reduta Hall, Olomouc
Choir Recorded at / Cinematic Concert Hall, Zlín
Solo Vocals / Azam Ali, Laura Intravia
Ethnic Strings / Loga Ramin Torkian /
Ethnic Winds / Sandro Friedrich
Solo Violin / Nicole Garcia


Disc 1 Original Soundtrack

01 Fury's Theme
02 The Hollowing Ceremony
03 The Horseman
04 Why So Envious
05 Sloth
06 Soul Gathering
07 Wrath
08 Requiem Aeternam
09 Lord of the Hollows
10 The Submerged Realm
11 Gluttony
12 Usiel's Bargain
13 Illusions of Power
14 Lust
15 Vulgrim
16 Pride
17 Abraxis
18 Ulthane
19 Maker's Hideout
20 Come Play With Us
21 Avarice
22 The Scar
23 Haven City
24 Envy



Included with Collector's and Apocalypse editions of the game.

Music Staff (from in-game credits)
Original Music by Cris Velasco

Conducted and Orchestrated by Petr Pololanik
Performed by the Capellen Orchestra & Choir
Choirmaster: Dan Kalousek
Score Supervision: Jose Varon
Score Prep and Additional Orchestration: Alessandro Saini
Sound Engineer: David Pavlicek
Orchestra recorded at Reduta Hall, Olomouc
Choir recorded at Cinematic Concert Hall, Zlín

Solo Vocals: Azam Ali
Ethnic Strings: Loga Ramin Torkian
Ethnic Winds: Sandro Friedrich
Solo Vocal for Lust: Laura Intravia
Solo Violin: Nicole Garcia

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