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Takeda Shingen

Catalog Number CCL-3021 (alternate printing of CA-4706)
Release Date Apr 01, 1990
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2412 JPY
Media Format Cassette
Classification Arrangement
LabelColumbia / /
ManufacturerNIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / /


Composer / HOT-B
Arranger / Kisho Yamanaka
Performer / Yamanaka Orchestra (Kisho Yamanaka, Masato Matsuda / , Sadaji Mihata, Hiroshi Nagashima / )
Programmer / Kisho Yamanaka


Disc 1

01 Furinkazan ~Opening Theme~ 3:44
02 Wealth and Military Strength ~Theme of Arguing Companions~ 3:27
03 Strength! Takeda Army Corps ~Theme of Battle~ 3:49
04 Sweeping Victory, Profit and Rejoicing 3:40
05 Defeat, War of Tears 3:31
06 The Strong Man Becomes a Marked Target ~GAME OVER 1~ 3:44
07 Shingen's Death ~GAME OVER 2~ 4:14
08 Bloody Battle! Oda Nobunaga 3:37
09 Desperate Fight of Kawanakajima 3:21
10 Path of a Champion ~Ending Theme~ 3:24
Disc length 36:31



Composition: HOT-B (Note, this is the company that produced the game.)
Arrangement: Kisho Yamanaka

Musicians : KISHO YAMANAKA/All Keyboards & Synthesizing, Computer Programming
                 MASATO MATSUDA/Keyboards
                 SADAJI MIHATA/E-Guitar & A-Guitar
                 HIROSHI NAGASHIMA/E-Guitar & A-Guitar

Director: Hirokuni Maeyama
Producer: Toshia Koike
Recording Engineer: Sadaji Wakita
Recorded at Omni ST & Wonder Station in January~February

The title of Track 01 "Fuurinkazan" was the motto of Takeda Shingen, who in history was a warlord in feudal Japan. The literal translation would be "Wind, Forest, Fire and Mountain." These words ultimately come from 'The Art of War', a battle strategics text from ancient China, which praises the virtues of "Speedy like wind, gradually like forest, aggressively like fire, immovably like mountain, secretly like shadow, actively like thunder."

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