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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number SSR-001
Release Date Aug 18, 2018
Publish Format Bootleg
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsSELECT/START Records
This album is a bootleg.
Please support the original artists by not purchasing bootleg albums.


Composer / Koji Kondo


Disc 1

01 Title
02 Opening Demo
03 Time of the Falling Rain
04 Overworld
05 Kakariko Village
06 Forest
07 Master Sword Demo
08 Turned Into a Rabbit
09 The Soldiers of Kakariko Village
10 Guessing Game House
11 Select Screen
12 Dark World
13 Dark Mountain Forest
14 Hyrule Castle
15 Sanctuary Dungeon
16 Cave
17 Church
18 Boss BGM
19 Boss Clear Fanfare
20 Dark World Dungeon
21 Fortune Teller
22 Princess Zelda’s Rescue
23 Crystal
24 The Goddess Appears
25 Priest
26 The Priest Transforms into Ganon
27 Ganon‘s Message
28 Battle with Ganon
29 Triforce Chamber
30 Ending
31 Credits



Unofficial release

Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies made using a lathe cutter.
Of the 100, 5 of them are on clear vinyl.
Number is presented on a sticker that is placed on a clear plastic outer sleeve.

Audio and track order was taken directly from the "The Legend of Zelda SOUND & DRAMA" release [SRCL-2940~1]

Album Stats

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Platforms represented
SNES (Super Famicom)


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