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Duck Duck Goose Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Duck Duck Goose (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Sep 28, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.49 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelLakeshore Records / /


Composer / Mark Isham, Louis Febre
Arranger / Brad Dechter, Greg Ballinger, Christopher Klatman, Cameron Patrick
Performer / Xiaobo Li, Su She, Mark Isham, Dave Bassett, Donna Missal, Windy Wagner
Recording Engineer / Jason LaRocca
Mixing Engineer / Jason LaRocca
Conductor / Edo Marchek


Disc 1

01 Birds of a Feather 1:22
02 Does it Have to Be a V? 0:56
03 Holding You Up 1:43
04 Instinct 1:03
05 Cat Scan 1:46
06 The Migration Begins 1:52
07 Goose Down 2:22
08 The New Mom 2:00
09 The Rules 1:27
10 No Such Thing as Monsters 2:03
11 V-Formation 1:40
12 Storm Brewing 1:15
13 Bedtime Story 1:43
14 A Cat in the Hen House 2:13
15 Chao Down 1:24
16 Porks and Recreation 2:45
17 Really Flying 2:31
18 The Cave 4:48
19 The Road Not Taken 3:10
20 Squirrel 2:35
21 River Monster 1:14
22 Parade 1:30
23 The Right Direction 3:24
24 Pleasant Valley 1:32
25 Mission Unpleasant 2:11
26 Family Rescue 2:23
27 Going Out with a Bang 2:28
28 The Long Way Home 2:30
29 That's What Families Do 2:55
30 The Haven 2:12
31 Paradise 3:02
32 Thunder to the Ground 3:44
33 Take Off 2:11
Disc length 71:54



Music by Mark Isham

Executive Music Producer: Mark Isham
Additional Music by Louis Febre
Music Supervisor: Marylata Elton
Music Production Coordination and Preparation by Allison Geatches
Score Orchestration: Brad Dechter
Additional Orchestration: Greg Ballinger, Christopher Klatman, Cameron Patrick
Additional Music Preparation: Nico Gutierrez, John Houston, Elisa Rice, Joshua Rutkowski, Melissa St. Thomas, Andrew Yarovenko
Score Conducted by Edo Marchek
Score Recorded and Mixed by Jason LaRocca
Pre-Recording Engineered by Tyler Parkinson
Additional Score Editing: Justin Hopfer
Score Mixed at Wetdog Studios
Erhu Solos: Xiaobo Li
Guzheng Solos: Su She
Piano Solos: Mark Isham

Written by Dave Bassett, Mark Isham, Steve Lindsey
Performed by Dave Bassett
Produced and Recorded by Dave Bassett

"Thunder to the Ground"
Written by Christopher Braide and Donna Missal
Performed by Donna Missal
Produced and Recorded by Christopher Braide

"Take Off"
Written by Mark Isham and Caroline Polachek
Performed by Windy Wagner
Produced by Mark Isham, Caroline Polachek and Robin Hannibal
Recorded and Mixed by Jason LaRocca

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