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Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness

聖剣伝説3 光と闇の歌
Trials of Mana: Songs of Light and Darkness
Catalog Number OCRA-0067
Release Date Oct 01, 2018
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 5 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /



Disc 1

01 In the Beginning There Was SQUARE (Not Awaken) 0:17
02 Do the Splash Hop (Splash Hop) 3:14
03 Hortus Conclusus (Closed Garden) 5:02
04 Surpassing the Gods (Where Angel Fear to Tread) 5:11
05 Journey of Hope (Hope Isolation Pray) 2:09
06 Summer Tea Time (Little Sweet Cafe) 4:00
07 Mother of Turmoil (Female Turbulence) 4:03
08 For King and Country (Walls and Steels) 5:17
09 The Adventure Begins (Whiz Kid) 3:16
10 Across the Frozen Expanse (Another Winter) 4:21
11 Joys of Youth (Oh, I'm a Flamelet) 3:51
12 Little Winged Lady (Few Paths Forbidden) 3:22
13 Silent Rhythms (Damn Damn Drum) 3:01
14 On the Frozen Path (Frenzy) 4:02
15 Dice Hate People (Person's Die) 2:33
16 Hopeful Waves (Innocent Sea) 4:13
17 Battleground (Rolling Cradle) 2:45
18 Called by Destiny (Fable) 3:10
19 Chime of Renaissance (Decision Bell) 2:57
Disc length 66:44
Disc 2

01 Axes of Destruction (Axe Bring Storm) 3:44
02 Is This a Dream? (Sleeping) 3:07
03 Fairy March (Don't Hunt the Fairy) 2:41
04 The Fairytale Fair (Ordinary People) 3:10
05 Unbreakable (Hightension Wire) 4:13
06 Yellow Brick Travelers (Swivel) 3:41
07 Midsummer Sorcery (Witchmakers) 3:37
08 Mirage (Evening Star) 4:41
09 Scavenger (Raven) 4:21
10 More and More Powerful (And Other) 0:26
11 Nu-Clear-Synthesis (Nuclear Fusion) 7:23
12 Skull Dissect (Lefthanded Wolf) 4:12
13 A Moment of Innocence (Innocent Water) 2:19
14 Nightshade Masques (Ancient Dolphin) 4:38
15 Angel's Tear (Angel's Fear) 3:58
16 Melting the Frozen Path (Frenzy) 2:48
17 Darkside's Ritual (Sacrifice Part One) 4:18
18 Divine Thunder (Religion Thunder) 3:16
19 The Unleashing of the Mana Sword (Delicate Affection) 2:35
Disc length 69:08
Disc 3

01 Radiate Me - A Brief Dream of Victory (Positive) 3:17
02 The Fearless Angel (Angel's Fear) 5:19
03 The Road to Tolerance (Different Road) 4:29
04 Sandstorm Stew (Black Soup) 3:26
05 Felling the Behemoth (Strange Medicine) 4:43
06 Vanishing Visions (Secret of Mana) 3:27
07 Rising Fate (Obsession) 4:11
08 Imminent Peril (Strange Medicine) 3:13
09 Fool's Gold (Powell) 5:18
10 Brooding Tolerance (Intolerance) 4:08
11 Relic (Last Audience) 4:49
12 Malevolent Intent (Political Pressure) 5:40
13 Dry Heart (Harvest November) 5:15
14 March to High (Level Up!) 3:18
15 Eyes to the Horizon (Meridian Child) 3:33
16 Watching the Abyss (Three of Darkside) 3:24
Disc length 67:30
Disc 4

01 The Dragon Emperor's Calling (Weird Counterpoint) 5:10
02 Sora no Neechan (Can You Fly, Sister?) 4:38
03 Holy Lands of Mana (Decision Bell) 4:57
04 In a Thousand Years (Falcon) 4:24
05 Marathon (Electric Talk) 2:28
06 Facing the Storm (Reincarnation) 3:29
07 Gate Total Peril (Faith Total Machine) 4:46
08 Unwilling Sacrifice (Sacrifice Part Two) 4:37
09 The Final Sacrifice (Sacrifice Part Three) 6:44
10 The Final Moments (Farewell Song) 4:34
11 Winds of Gaia (Breezin') 4:47
12 The Eternal Heartbeat of Mana (Return to Forever) 9:06
13 Let Eternity Take Over (Long Goodbye) 3:02
Disc length 62:42
Disc 5

01 Porcelain Doll (Female Turbulence) 2:39
02 Lost Road (Different Road) 5:10
03 Do the Splash Hop [Instrumental] (Splash Hop) 3:15
Disc length 11:04

  Total tracks 70   Total length 4:37:08


Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness
Album freely available at

What a journey! It's been a long, long time, but now it's finally released. Songs of Light and Darkness is a tribute to Hiroki Kikuta's soundtrack for Seiken Densetsu 3, the game following Secret of Mana in the same franchise. Though only released in Japan, the Western gamers who came across it, either on cartridge or by other means, found it one of the most beautiful games on the SNES. The music plays a big part in that.

The album project began more than a decade ago. And, hey, we got the whole tracklist done. Your favorite track from the game has been remixed here. It's possible we have multiple remixes of it, even. Through a troubling many issues over the years, and a troubling number of years of slow progress, the slow progress eventually gave us the whole soundtrack wonderfully remixed by OC ReMix regulars and strangers alike.

You get to hear what I've been keeping mostly to myself for years. And what a wonderful set of tracks this is. In some ways, it's a bit of a time capsule. I joined OC ReMix in late 2007, and this project was in the works already then. Some of the tracks sound like those old tracks that drew me to the site and its community in the first place.

It's an eclectic mix of things, with the expected orchestral and metal epics sharing space with instrumentation and styles including waltz, rap, Mellotron, reggae, harpsichord, J-rock, and plenty of world music elements from all over the place incorporated into a large number of the remixes.

I'm very happy to have my name among the artists here, and I'm sure you can find something you like on this behemoth of an album. I hope you not only enjoy the album, but get something out of reading the comments too. Enjoy.

-Ad G


1-01. Usa - "In the Beginning There Was SQUARE"
Source: "Not Awaken"

1-02. The OverClocked Plaid Muffins (Level 99, LuIzA, Swann, Cyril the Wolf, AMT, Xenon Odyssey, PrototypeRaptor) - "Do the Splash Hop"
Source: "Splash Hop"

1-03. Meteo Xavier, Jeremy Robson - "Hortus Conclusus"
Source: "Closed Garden"

1-04. Archangel, HoboKa - "Surpassing the Gods"
Source: "Where Angel Fear to Tread"

1-05. k-wix - "Journey of Hope"
Source: "Hope Isolation Pray"

1-06. audio fidelity, Abi Coffer - "Summer Tea Time"
Source: "Little Sweet Cafe"

1-07. Jeffrey Hayat - "Mother of Turmoil"
Source: "Female Turbulence"

1-08. pu_freak - "For King and Country"
Source: "Walls and Steels"

1-09. Jago - "The Adventure Begins"
Source: "Whiz Kid"

1-10. Abadoss - "Across the Frozen Expanse"
Source: "Another Winter"

1-11. Brandon Strader, Usa - "Joys of Youth"
Source: "Oh, I'm a Flamelet"

1-12. DarkeSword - "Little Winged Lady"
Source: "Few Paths Forbidden"

1-13. Harmony, Level 99, LuIzA - "Silent Rhythms"
Source: "Damn Damn Drum"

1-14. Rozovian - "On the Frozen Path"
Source: "Frenzy"

1-15. ilp0 - "Dice Hate People"
Source: "Person's Die"

1-16. k-wix - "Hopeful Waves"
Source: "Innocent Sea"

1-17. Jago - "Battleground"
Source: "Rolling Cradle"

1-18. Chris | Amaterasu - "Called by Destiny"
Source: "Fable"

1-19. rebrained - "Chime of Renaissance"
Source: "Decision Bell"

2-01. The Dual Dragons - "Axes of Destruction"
Source: "Axe Bring Storm"

2-02. Ivan Hakštok - "Is This a Dream?"
Source: "Sleeping"

2-03. Sam English - "Fairy March"
Source: "Don't Hunt the Fairy"

2-04. Archangel - "The Fairytale Fair"
Source: "Ordinary People"

2-05. Nutritious - "Unbreakable"
Source: "Hightension Wire"

2-06. Sam English - "Yellow Brick Travelers"
Source: "Swivel"

2-07. Archangel - "Midsummer Sorcery"
Source: "Witchmakers"

2-08. Brandon Strader - "Mirage"
Source: "Evening Star"

2-09. Rozovian, Mozzaratti, Mak Eightman - "Scavenger"
Source: "Raven"

2-10. TheDeath - "More and More Powerful"
Source: "And Other"

2-11. The Dual Dragons - "Nu-Clear-Synthesis"
Source: "Nuclear Fusion"

2-12. LuIzA, zykO - "Skull Dissect"
Source: "Lefthanded Wolf"

2-13. Emunator, Ergosonic - "A Moment of Innocence"
Source: "Innocent Water"

2-14. Archangel - "Nightshade Masques"
Source: "Ancient Dolphin"

2-15. Lemonectric - "Angel's Tear"
Source: "Angel's Fear"

2-16. Juan Medrano, John Revoredo - "Melting the Frozen Path"
Source: "Frenzy"

2-17. Dj Mokram - "Darkside's Ritual"
Source: "Sacrifice Part One"

2-18. Mozzaratti - "Divine Thunder"
Source: "Religion Thunder"

2-19. TheDeath - "The Unleashing of the Mana Sword"
Source: "Delicate Affection"

3-01. Meteo Xavier - "Radiate Me - A Brief Dream of Victory"
Source: "Positive"

3-02. Jovette Rivera, ISAO - "The Fearless Angel"
Source: "Angel's Fear"

3-03. zykO - "The Road to Tolerance"
Source: "Different Road"

3-04. Blaine - "Sandstorm Stew"
Source: "Black Soup"

3-05. Phonetic Hero - "Felling the Behemoth"
Source: "Strange Medicine"

3-06. Dj Mokram - "Vanishing Visions"
Source: "Secret of Mana"

3-07. The Dual Dragons - "Rising Fate"
Source: "Obsession"

3-08. Luhny - "Imminent Peril"
Source: "Strange Medicine"

3-09. Karth, Meteo Xavier - "Fool's Gold"
Source: "Powell"

3-10. The Dual Dragons - "Brooding Tolerance"
Source: "Intolerance"

3-11. Rozovian - "Relic"
Source: "Last Audience"

3-12. HoboKa - "Malevolent Intent"
Source: "Political Pressure"

3-13. Mak Eightman - "Dry Heart"
Source: "Harvest November"

3-14. Mak Eightman - "March to High"
Source: "Level Up!"

3-15. Beckett007 - "Eyes to the Horizon"
Source: "Meridian Child"

3-16. David L. Puga - "Watching the Abyss"
Source: "Three of Darkside"

4-01. Rexy - "The Dragon Emperor's Calling"
Source: "Weird Counterpoint"; Cameos: "Angel's Fear," "Witchmakers," "Star of Darkness" (Secret of Mana)

4-02. Jovette Rivera - "Sora no Neechan"
Source: "Can You Fly, Sister"

4-03. rebrained - "Holy Lands of Mana"
Source: "Decision Bell"

4-04. Juan Medrano - "In a Thousand Years"
Source: "Falcon"

4-05. Reuben Cornell - "Marathon"
Source: "Electric Talk"

4-06. Usa, Jackson Lawhead, TheDeath - "Gate Total Peril"
Source: "Faith Total Machine"

4-07. Usa, siebensus4 - "Facing the Storm"
Source: "Reincarnation"

4-08. Theophany - "Unwilling Sacrifice"
Source: "Sacrifice Part Two"

4-09. Mozzaratti - "The Final Sacrifice"
Source: "Sacrifice Part Three"; Cameo: "Star of Darkness" (Secret of Mana)

4-10. pu_freak - "The Final Moments"
Source: "Farewell Song"

4-11. WillRock - "Winds of Gaia"
Source: "Breezin'"

4-12. Archangel - "The Eternal Heartbeat of Mana"
Source: "Return to Forever"

4-13. Meteo Xavier - "Let Eternity Take Over"
Source: "Long Goodbye"; Cameo: "Whiz Kid"

5-01. John Revoredo - "Porcelain Doll"
Source: "Female Turbulence"

5-02. Jormungand - "Lost Road"
Source: "Different Road"

5-03. The OverClocked Plaid Muffins (Level 99, LuIzA, Swann, Cyril the Wolf, AMT, Xenon Odyssey, PrototypeRaptor) - "Do the Splash Hop (Instrumental)"
Source: "Splash Hop"

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