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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2008

Catalog Number FBRC2008
Release Date 2008
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement


Arranger / hoboka, Chickenwarlord, TheProphetOfMephisto, bundeslang, Flexstyle, jmr, TheJoker, Dyne, Abadoss, V___, Tricklozen, Jaybell, Hylian_Lemon, pu_freak, BronxRican, Xerol, Moseph


Disc 1

01 DKC 2 "Arr Me Maties 3:18
02 Couldn't Be Saved 2:48
03 No Higher 2:54
04 Wand of Nothing 5:43
05 In My Own World 3:49
06 Late Snows of Winter 3:46
07 Smile and Nod 4:12
08 Objectional Funk 2:32
09 Dark Shores of Crustacia 2:09
10 A Synth Attacks! 6:20
11 Pawing Lass Slur 2:22
12 All You Need Is Smiles 1:14
13 Three Red Shells 2:41
14 Smooth Snow 3:07
15 Outerspacester 4:21
16 Incomplete4 0:45
17 Cast Your Frog Upon the Water 4:32
Disc length 56:33



Way back in 2002 a forum user name "I Like Cookies!" (now just Jeff), ran a 1-shot competition called the Freshly Baked ReMixer challenge. In the thread artists signed up and were assigned challenges posted by other forum users. This is how artists like myself, Suzumebachi, and GLL all got out starts. There were also some other impressive tracks by Disco Dan and a few others. Some time later the same user did the Second Annual FBRC which, while not as popular as the first one, still saw some solid success. Since the competition has long been forgotten by most, and seeing all the talent that's on OCReMix today, I think it's time we try a revival. The idea of the competition is for forum users to challenge remixers to remixes of songs/games they request. The remixer than has a predetermined amount of time to produce a remix of said material.

DKC 2 "Arr Me Maties by hoboka
it's a remix of the pirate map theme for the compo. Since my flp got corrupted there's a few things which could be fixed, but over all I THINK it's pretty solid. Correct me if I'm wrong :P

Game: Donkey Kong Country 2
Song: Island Map Theme (AKA "Welcome to Crocodile Isle")
Requested by: BeleagueredandBeset

Couldn't Be Saved by Chickenwarlord
Game: Kirby Super Star
Song: Save Hut
In tribute to Bundeslang.

No Higher by TheProphetOfMephisto
what the hell...i'm not going to be able to record vocals any time soon, so here's what i've got. it's a rock mix of both Live-a-Live's "The Bird Flies in the Sky, The Fish Swims in the River" and Mega Man X3's "Toxic Seahorse". i don't really develop either of them, since i didn't really have any time to do this and threw it together in three hours. i'm eventually going to record me singing over it, but i have no idea what those words are, so you don't get one.

eventually i'll finish this, but for now i'm just too short on time.

Game: Live-a-Live, Mega Man X3
Song: TBFitS, TFSitR and Toxic Seahorse
Requested by: ramasauce and Irregular

Wand of Nothing by bundeslang
Here's my version of Wand of Gamelon (or something like that) from Zelda. Most of the song is done in the first weeks, I didn't have enough time after that to change it much. It's a trancey take and it's not short (and close to 6MB). Hope you enjoy it.

Game: Zelda Wand of Gamelon
Song: Overworld Theme
Requested by: The Mac Attack

In My Own World by Flexstyle
Game: The Sims
Original Song Title: Building House
Requested By: Bladiator

Well unfortunately I'm not putting my best foot forward, as I only remembered that I'd signed up yesterday (March 11th)! So I whipped up this quick D'n'B mix in about six hours overall. I'm afraid it does get a bit repetitive in places, but hey I didn't have a lot of time. Sorry Bladiator, I hope you like this song anyways.

Late Snows Of Winter by jmr
Game: Quest For Glory: So You Want To Be A Hero [1989]
Original Song Title: Erana's Peace
Requested By: F4T4L

Almost didn't finish this one, but my I got my repaired computer back faster than expected.
I think this is the first time I've ever attempted to incorporate a live recording into a remix. It's a little rough, but I like it.

Smile and Nod by TheJoker
I'm sorry, I had to cross-encode this in order to get it to upload.
- analoq

Objectional Funk by Dyne
Game: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Original Song Title: Objection!
Requested by: Jaybell

It took me two weeks to start this remix. I realize it probably could have been a lot better than it is, however, I think it sounds pretty good. This is, in honesty, my first completed remix, so I hope you all enjoy it! I'm looking forward to the next project/challenge!

Objectional Funk by Dyne
Game: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Original Song Title: Objection!
Requested by: Jaybell

It took me two weeks to start this remix. I realize it probably could have been a lot better than it is, however, I think it sounds pretty good. This is, in honesty, my first completed remix, so I hope you all enjoy it! I'm looking forward to the next project/challenge!

A Synth Attacks! by V___
Yeh, this isnt my best, and its very loose interpretation... But I had fun at least (hear: phase)! Big file/long song too, have fun!

Pawing Lass Slur by Tricklozen
Requester: RiftDoggy
Game: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Original Song Title: Surpassing the Wall
Composer: Kaori Ohkoshi

Okay, so I am 73,87 % happy with it, but I'm not inclined to spend too much time on it either, nor did I. I hurried faster to finish up when Ramaniscence announced the deadline to be an hour and a half away, which moments later turned out to be one d�y and an hour and a half, which made me procrastinate the mixing process again.

Also inspired by/borrowed from "Ashamed" by Bertine Zetlitz, and contains a part of "Toxic" by Britney Spears (Bloodshy & Avant, Cathy Dennis, Henrik Jonback).

All You Need is Smiles by Jaybell
Game: Earthbound
Song: Smiles and Tears

I ended up not really having a whole heck of a lot of time on this, so here's the very short thing I managed to crank out of this. It's kind of cluttered and also like I said short and not complete, but still, it's a whole lot better than any of the other things I've done.

I may complete this someday. Who knows.

Three Red Shells by Hylian_Lemon
Game: TMNT 3 - The Manhattan Project
Song: Theme of Half Shell
Requester: jmr

I gave it this name because certain parts reminded me of Mario Kart, and the experience as a whole reminded me of receiving three red shells to the behind.

Hopefully someone will find some enjoyment in this, though.

Smooth Snow by pu_freak
This is my 2nd attempt at jazz, and I think I did a pretty decent job. Of course, because we didn't have THAT much time there's still tempo glitches and some off-notes that I couldn't replay/rerecord anymore (though many off-notes are intentional for the genre). Anyway Fish (the other aswell), hope ya like it!

Game: Spacestation Silicon Valley
Song: Snow Joke
Requester: Fishy

Outerspacester by BronxRican
I can't believe I managed this thing in two weeks, with a source that's thin on melody: Konami's Rocket Knight Adventures (Sega Genesis), Stage 7 BGM. Sort of in the style of your favorite late 70's crime-drama theme song, but with a coupla somewhat modern synths and some "space" noise to hopefully give it a flavor of the stage the source tune BGMs for. Enjoy, God willing.

Incomplete4 by Xerol
I didn't finish.

Cast Your Frog Upon The Water by Moseph
Game: Jill of the Jungle
Original Title: Song 5 (Castle Theme)
Requester: Amayirot Akago

The original melody isn't changed much, but it exists in an entirely different context now with some fun meter changes from 4/4 to 12/8 and back.

There are some transients that prevent volume-level optimization for the finished mix -- I'd compress them out if I had the time. Just turn up your speakers if you need to.

1. hoboka
2. Chickenwarlord
3. TheProphetOfMephisto
4. bundeslang
5. Flexstyle
6. jmr
7. TheJoker
8. Dyne
9. Abadoss
10. V___
11. Tricklozen
12. Jaybell
13. Hylian_Lemon
14. pu_freak
15. BronxRican
16. Xerol
17. Moseph

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