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Thank you, FRIENDS!! SOLO CONCERT / Aqours

Catalog Number LACZ-10012
Barcode 4540774201846
Release Date Nov 16, 2018
Publish Format Commercial, Event Only
Release Price 1800 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
LabelLantis / /
ManufacturerBANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. / /
DistributorBANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. / /



Disc 1

01 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (Chika Takami ver.) 6:22
02 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (Riko Sakurauchi ver.) 6:22
03 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (Kanan Matsuura ver.) 6:22
04 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (Dia Kurosawa ver.) 6:22
05 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (You Watanabe ver.) 6:22
06 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (Yoshiko Tsushima ver.) 6:22
07 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (Hanamaru Kunikida ver.) 6:22
08 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (Mari Ohara ver.) 6:22
09 Thank you, FRIENDS!! (Ruby Kurosawa ver.) 6:22
Disc length 57:18



Available at Aqours 4th LoveLive! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~ held Nov 17~18, 2018. Goods were available for sale the day before the event.

  M-01: Chika Takami (CV. Anju Inami)
  M-02: Riko Sakurauchi (CV. Rikako Aida)
  M-03: Kanan Matsuura (CV. Nanaka Suwa)
  M-04: Dia Kurosawa (CV. Arisa Komiya)
  M-05: You Watanabe (CV. Shuka Saito)
  M-06: Yoshiko Tsushima (CV. Aika Kobayashi)
  M-07: Hanamaru Kunikida (CV. Kanako Takatsuki)
  M-08: Mari Ohara (CV. Aina Suzuki)
  M-09: Ruby Kurosawa (CV. Ai Furihata)
Strings: Yu Manabe Strings

Sound Director: Keita "Konnie" Aoki
Recording Engineer: Wataru Namifusa
Mixing Engineer: Hideaki Jinbu
Mastering Engineer: Takeshi Hakamata
Recorded at Studio Magic Garden, prime sound studio form

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