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Fortune Quest 1: Yonimo Shiawase na Boukenshatachi

フォーチュン・クエスト1 世にも幸せな冒険者たち
Catalog Number VICL-110
Barcode 4988002225774
Release Date Jan 21, 1991
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal, Prototype/Unused
LabelVictor / /
ManufacturerVictor Musical Industries, Inc. / /
DistributorVictor Musical Industries, Inc. / /


Composer / Fumitaka Anzai / , Mishio Fukazawa, Kenta Hagiwara, George Tashiro, Skip McDonald, Mel Glover
Arranger / Fumitaka Anzai / , Kenta Hagiwara
Performer / Eiko Yamane / , Grandmaster Melle Mel, Fumitaka Anzai / , Kenta Hagiwara, IKKHO, Neko Saito / , Yasuhisa Soga, Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbish, Craig Derry
Lyricist / Mishio Fukazawa, George Tashiro, Skip McDonald, Mel Glover
Recording Engineer / Katsumi Otsuka
Assistant Engineer / 山下一也, Masashi Kudo / , Rob Paustian, Arthur Steuer
Recording Studio / Studio Jive /
Mixing Engineer / Hiroyuki Hamano, Bob Rose
Mixing Studio / VICTOR STUDIO
Mastering Engineer / Kazushige Yamazaki /
Mastering Studio / VICTOR STUDIO
Sound Effects / 石川順恵, Neko Saito / , Fumitaka Anzai / , Mishio Fukazawa, 芹澤亮, 国本由美子, 吉田三智子, 五十嵐建二
Programmer / George Tashiro


Disc 1

01 フォーチュン・クエストのテーマ 3:48
02 今夜も猪鹿亭は大騒ぎ 4:22
03 獣人リズー襲撃 3:35
04 ヒールニント村の災難~月夜の逃走~変わった人だね,ゼンばあさん 4:32
05 ダンジョンで見た夢 5:44
06 シロちゃんとの出会い 3:07
07 ラップ・バード 4:54
08 操られたルーミィ 3:23
09 シロちゃんに乗って 3:42
10 最後の戦い (大ボス登場) 3:52
11 ヒールニントにもどった平和~フォーチュン・クエストのテーマ (リプライズ) 3:44
Disc length 44:43



Image album for the Fortune Quest novel series

All Songs Composed & Arranged by Fumitaka Anzai
except "The song of Fortune Quest"
Composed by Mishio Fukazawa (深沢 美潮), Kenta Hagiwara (萩原 健太)
Arranged by Kenta Hagiwara
Words of "Fortune Quest"
Written by Mishio Fukazawa

All Keyboards: Fumitaka Anzai
Guitar: Kenta Hagiwara, IKKHO (Track 1, 11)
Violin: Neko Saito (2, 11)
Vocal: Eiko Yamane (1, 11)
Chorus: Yasuhisa Soga [曾我 泰久] (1, 11)
Sound Effect: 石川順恵, Neko Saito, Fumitaka Anzai, Mishio Fukazawa, 芹澤亮, 国本由美子, 吉田三智子, 五十嵐建二 (2)

Mixing Studio: VICTOR STUDIO
Mastering Studio: VICTOR STUDIO
Recording Engineer: Katsumi Otsuka [大塚 勝三] (STUDIO JIVE)
Remix Engineer: Hiroyuki Hamano (浜野 浩幸)
Mastering Engineer: Kazushige Yamazaki
Assistant Engineer: 山下一也, Masashi Kudo (STUDIO JIVE)

"Rap Bird"
Produced by George Tashiro
Music and Words: George Tashiro, Skip McDonald, Mel Glover
Performed by Grandmaster Melle Mel
Guitar and Keyboard: Skip McDonald
Bass: Doug Wimbish
Backing Vocals: Craig Derry
Programming: George Tashiro
Mixing Engineer: Bob Rose
Recorded at Unique Recording Studio
Additional Engineer: Rob Paustian
Assistant Engineer: Arthur Steuer

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