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Dreamweb - The Soundtrack, Remastered (Side A)

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Release Date Dec 02, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
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Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Remaster
PublisherDreamweb Remastered / /
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Composer / Matthew Seldon, Steve Boynton, Alberto Rizzo Schettino


Disc 1

01 Beginnings 1:28
02 Opening Titles 0:41
03 The Dreamweb 0:57
04 Sanctuary 0:44
05 Travelling 2:02
06 Bad Guitar 0:08
07 Blood-Stained Santa 1:54
08 The Deliverer 2:04
09 Like Killing Hitler 1:25
10 Duty 0:59
11 Septimus 1:25
12 Balanced 0:14
13 I Died Last Night 0:51
14 The Dealer 1:43
15 Bonus Track 4:59
16 Endings 0:49
17 Dreamweb Soundscape 3:54
18 Dreamweb 1 (Amiga) 1:24
19 Dreamweb 2 (Amiga AGA) 2:08
20 Dreamweb 4 (Amiga) 1:08
21 Dreamweb 6 (Amiga) 1:03
22 Dreamweb 12 (Amiga) 1:02
Disc length 33:02



"Dreamweb (1994) is considered by many one of the best and most unique sci-fi/cyperpunk/dystopian video games ever released. With its simple but catchy pixel graphics, great storyline and vibe, this adventure game definitely left its mark.
No matter how simple the game looked, every person who played it noticed that it immediately captured and transported you into its atmosphere. Part of this beauty is certainly coming from the amazing soundtrack that Matt Seldon and Steve Boynton wrote.
This remaster edition aims to improve your listening experience while at the same time respecting the original vibe of the music, as portrayed and imagined by its composers.
The process involved 3 separate steps: first the extraction of every sound file coded in the game, then the restoration to lessen the digital and analog artefacts (from the encoding and from the original tape masters), then the actual remaster process, through a high-quality analog and digital chain of sound processors.
The result is a renewed journey in a classic of video game music. Enjoy!"

All tracks written by Matt Seldon / Steve Boynton.
Original Tracks Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Matt Seldon on 8 track porta studio.
Re-mastered by Alberto Rizzo Schettino at Fuseroom Recording Studio, Berlin in November 2018.
Track 17 “Dreamweb Soundscape” written by Alberto Rizzo Schettino using in-game sound FX.
Original Artwork by David Dew. Digipak design by Fuseroom Recording Studio.

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